Character Type Merchant
Location Smithy

Zachary is an Merchant in Vigil: the Longest NightMerchants are a category of NPCs that a player may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to trade various items and equipment such as ArmorWeaponsRings, and many more with these Merchants. 


Zachary Information

  • Zachary offers Merchant services, and can upgrade or enchant Leila's weapons.











Zachary's Inventory




  • Zachary:
    • "No haggling, 60% buyback, no refunds!"

Talk again without exiting the area

  • Zachary:
    • "Have you ever seen a mutated Shimmer Stone before? They can enchant weapons and armor for different effects. Each piece of equipment can only be enchanted once. Any previous effects will be removed by new ones" or
    • The stones that glow with the light are blessed by the Goddess. With such a holy material, I can forge stronger weapons." or
    • "No haggling, 60% buyback, no refunds!"

Exiting shop

  • Zachary:
    • ?


Zachary Gallery


Zachary in the prologue


Zachary in the present




  • Zachary appears both in past and present versions of Maye, so present Zachary is either a descendant, or a reincarnation of past Zachary.




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