Consumables in Vigil: The Longest Night are items that are consumed by the player. These items are used during exploration and in battle, consumables grant various effects such as health regeneration and buffs, while other weapons are categorized as ammo required to use long-range weapons, and throwable items that are used to damage enemies and to inflict various negative status effects. Consumables require to be placed into the quick inventory slots in order to be used. This page covers a full list of all the consumables in Vigil: The Longest Night.



Vigil The Longest Night Consumables





Healing Potion Healing Potion Restores HP when consumed. Sold by Idonea.
Found throughout the game.
(Act 3) Dropped by Mutated Louse Men.
(Act 3) Dropped by Cultists in Yellow.
Fledgling's Blood Soul Fledgling's Blood Soul Allows to save the game anywhere. Overwrites auto-save slot. Found throughout the game.
Apple Cider Apple Cider Temporary boosts stamina recovery speed. Drinking 5 inflicts stun on Leila and removes the boost. Sold by Lilian.
Pungent Medicine Pungent Medicine Temporarely makes Leila immune to stun. Sold by Idonea.
Vinegar Vinegar Cures poison and grants temporary poison immunity. Sold by Lilian.
Dynamite Dynamite An explosive that damages enemies caught within the blast. Sold by Idonea.
Dropped by Explosive Miners.
Found throughout the game.
Molotov Molotov An explosive that damages and burns enemies. Sold by Idonea.
Dropped by Crossbowmen.
Found throughout the game.
Bloody Bone Bloody Bone Short-ranged projectile which damages enemies. Unlimited use. (Prologue) Found in Cemetery.
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife Punctures enemies, inflicts a small amount of damage. Sold by Idonea.
Dropped by Dead Slaves.
Found throughout the game.
Poison Needle Poison Needle Throws several poisoned projectiles Sold by Idonea.
Dropped by Poisonous Moths.
Found throughout the game.
Iron Arrow Iron Arrow Ammo for bow. Inflicts more damage than default ammo. Sold by Zachary.
Dropped by Crossbowmen.
Dropped by Skull Archers.
Found throughout the game.
Silver Arrow Silver Arrow Ammo for bows. Inflicts more damage against the undead. Sold by Zachary.
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow Ammo for bows. Damages and burns enemies. Sold by Zachary.
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow Ammo for bows. Damages and poisons enemies. Sold by Zachary.
Lead Shot Lead Shot Ammo for slingshots. Inflicts more damage than default ammo. Sold by Zachary.
Explosive Shot Explosive Shot Ammo for slingshots. Damages and burns enemies. Sold by Zachary.
Caltrops Caltrops A trap that deals damage to anyone who steps on it, including Leila. Sold by Idonea.
Dropped by Frozen Slaves.
Found throughout the game.
Firework Firework Throws several fireworks, each explosion dealing damage to an enemy. Dropped by Warm Guards*.
Dropped by Warm Traps*.
Vessel of the Holy Six Vessel of the Holy Six Attaches itself to an enemy and absorbs it's life force. Collect shards to restore HP. Dropped by Spider Cocoons.
Found throughout the game.
Wrath of the Holy Six Wrath of the Holy Six A slowly moving projectile that inflicts damage to everything on its path. Dropped by Melted Statues.
Found throughout the game.
Ptyalolith from the Other God Ptyalolith from the Other God Use to level up. Found throughout the game.



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