Key Items or Quest Items is an item category in Vigil: The Longest Night. Key Items are used to further progress the game's story as well as side quests, key items are found in specific locations or are given by a related NPC, some Key Items are also categorized as "miscellaneous items" that are dropped by enemies and are mainly used to be sold to Merchants to obtain Gold. This page covers a list of all the Key Items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.

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Key Items 


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a_corner_of_cloth_scrap_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki A Corner of Cloth Scrap

Bruna Missing

Give to Captain Carl or Tangerine. Found in Valley (Prologue).
ancestral_prescription_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ancestral Prescription

Beyond the Limits

Lists items requested by the Blademaster. Given by the Blademaster after showing him 3 swords.
apprentice_scissors_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Apprentice Scissors

Eric the Hairstylist

Give to Erik to be able to change hairstyles. Found at the bottom of Mountain Cave, in the room below D8 Owl Statue.
arctic_ocarina_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Arctic Ocarina

The Gate to the Other SideThe Twins

Grants access to The Frozen Realm. Guaranteed drop from Gnawing Beast in Sewer on Estuary.
ball_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ball - Give to Isabella in Act 3 to receive Daisy's Brooch. Found under Maye Bridge.
beaded_night_stones_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Beaded Night Stones - Increases Leila's health while in the inventory. Found throughout the game.
birthday_cake_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Birthday Cake Sister Daisy Place it on the table. Maye (Prologue): given by Silian in front of Leila and Daisy's house.
blindfold_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Blindfold Light of the Truth Give to Arabela in Act 2 to receive Key of Forbidden Library in Act 3. Found in Peak of Weep.
blood_of_the_sacredwood_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Blood of the Sacredwood Addict Give to Shabbir or Pagans. Found underneath Gram and Chris' house (Prologue). Double jump required to get.
bloody_iron_nail_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wik Bloody Iron Nail - Crafting material for Spike Bat
Drop from Spike Hounds.
Blueprint: Agony Dagger Blueprint: Agony Dagger - Use to craft Agony Dagger. Found in Heart of Groundwater, west of E6 Owl Statue.
Blueprint: Bat Cloak Blueprint: Bat Cloak - Use to craft Bat Cloak. Found in The City of Roots.
Blueprint: Concentrated Water Drop Blueprint: Concentrated Water Drop - Use to craft Concentrated Water Drop. Found in Purple Crystal Catacombs.
Blueprint: Dead Man Suit Blueprint: Dead Man Suit - Use to craft Dead Man Suit. Found in Maye Sewer.
Blueprint: Metal Hood Blueprint: Metal Hood - Use to craft Metal Hood. Found in Mountain Cave, in a room located roughly below D7 Owl Statue.
Blueprint: Rim Hat Blueprint: Rim Hat - Use to craft Rim Hat. Found in Miner's Dormitory
Blueprint: Spike Bat Blueprint: Spike Bat - Use to craft Spike Bat. Found in a chest in the bottom left room of Antique Shop.
braided_rope_of_bitter_vines_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Braided Rope of Bitter Vines - Increases Leila's stamina while in the inventory. Found throughout the game.
broken_drip_bottle_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Broken Drip Bottle - Crafting material for Agony Dagger
Drop from Louse Men.
brunas_diary_part_1_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Bruna's Diary, Part 1 - - Found in Secret Cave (Prologue).
brunas_diary_part_2_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Bruna's Diary, Part 2 - - Found in Secret Cave (Prologue).
brunas_diary_part_3_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Bruna's Diary, Part 3 - - Given by Chris after talking to him with Hexagonal Candle, Ceremonial Blouse, and Ceremonial Bell in the inventory.
ceremonial_bell_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ceremonial Bell Sister Daisy Give to Daisy in the Asylum (Act 2). Given by Sister Jasmine at Church Plaza (Prologue).
ceremonial_blouse_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ceremonial Blouse Sister Daisy Give to Daisy in the Asylum (Act 2). Given by Gram in the Catacombs (Prologue).
cerulean_ocarina_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Cerulean Ocarina Happy Accident
The Gate to the Other Side
The Twins
Grants access to Shadow Disaster. Given by Hugh in exchange for 7 lost paintings.
collection_of_durans_letters_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Collection of Duran's Letters Glorious Guard Give to Duran to get Rose Ring from him. Given by Steve in exchange for Stinky Helmet (Prologue).
crumpled_blank_letter_from_the_school_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Crumpled Blank Letter From the School Royal Detective Give to Thurber W. Sungi. Hidden in Bruna's Home, Village (Prologue). Requires double jump to get.
cubic_crystal_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Cubic Crystal Ancient Seal
Mysterious Plague
Give three to Hilda or use at Top of the Giantwood to gain access to Inside the Giantwood.
Give to Doctor to skip to Act 3.
Kill Kelpie, Lord of TideErupting Flesh Cluster, and Lord of the Misty Lake.
cyan_frankincense_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Cyan Frankincense - Increases Leila's mana while in the inventory. Found throughout the game.
daisys_bracelet_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Daisy's Bracelet Ancient Seal
Mysterious Person
Use to break Humanoid Seal in Dilapidated Nightmare (Act 3) Received from Hilda for showing her The Second Half of a Research Report (Act 2)
daisys_brooch_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Daisy's Brooch Recovery Use to break Humanoid Seal in Dilapidated Nightmare (Act 3) Given by Isabella in exchange for Ball at Mill (Act 3).

Daisy's Diary

- Use to break Humanoid Seal in Dilapidated Nightmare (Act 3) Guaranteed drop from Dephil, The First One.

Daisy's To-Do List

Sister Daisy - Found in Leila and Daisy's home in Prologue.
daisys_headwear_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Daisy's Headwear Sister Daisy Use to break Humanoid Seal in Dilapidated Nightmare (Act 3) Given by Daisy in the Asylum (Act 2) in exchange for three items collected during Sister Daisy quest.
daisys_special_drink_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Daisy's Special Drink Daisy's Special Give to Isabella in Act 2 and she will appear in Act 3. Daisy's Special Drink quest reward.
Dead Man Leather Dead Man Leather - Crafting material for Dead Man Suit
Dropped by Corpse Ball.
elevator_lever_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Elevator Lever - Use to activate Secret Cave's elevators. Found in Secret Cave (Prologue).
eternal_daylight_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Eternal Daylight The Twins Give to Janis or Silvia to receive Raging March or Starburst Compass. Guaranteed drop from The Ancient Guard.
eternal_gaze_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Eternal Gaze The Twins Give to Janis or Silvia to receive Feast of Joy or Poison of Hatred. Guaranteed drop from Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder.
eternal_time_crystal_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Eternal Time Crystal The Twins Give to Janis or Silvia to receive Metallic Ocarina + Confine Momentum or Metallic Ocarina. Guaranteed drop from Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers.
golden_slimes_plasmodium_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Golden Slime's Plasmodium Beyond the Limits
Gold Rush
One of items requested by the Blademaster.
Give one to Thomas and Ochio.
Crafting material for Concentrated Water Drop
Dropped by Golden Slime.
hexagonal_candle_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Hexagonal Candle Sister Daisy Give to Daisy in the Asylum (Act 2) Found at Bruna's Home, Village (Prologue).
jewelry_box_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Jewelry Box Hamilton's Jewelry Give to Hamilton in Act 2 to receive Fluorite Ring. Found in Hamilton's House in Flooded Area.
message_in_a_bottle_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Message in a Bottle The Draft in a Bottle Throw from the bunker in Flooded Area. Given by Noax in the Tavern (Act 2) after agreeing to help her.
metallic_ocarina_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Metallic Ocarina The Gate to the Other Side
The Twins
Grants access to Everlasting Cage. The Twins quest reward.
monazite_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Monazite Monazite Give to Mysterious Trader to increase her stock. Hunter's House:
1 in Depressing Forest
2 in Peak of Weep
1 in Bufonitte Lake
1 in Limestone Way
mysterious_manuscript_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Mysterious Manuscript - Increases Leila's Arcane stat. Found throughout the game, 30 total.
mysterious_powder_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Mysterious Powder Errands Give to Carlos at Maye Hall to receive Reused Bottle. Given by Dawn at Dawn's House.
old_coin_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Old Coin - Show to Drew in Act 2. Given by Paul in Paul and Vincent's House (Act 2) after rescuing Vincent from the Mine and refusing monetary reward.
pelvis_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Pelvis Eliminate the Skeletons Give to Atlas (Act 2)
Drop from Skull Lancers
piece_of_wood_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Piece of Wood - Crafting material for Spike Bat
Drop from Lumbermen.
portrait_of_count_leonard_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Count Leonard Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in the Cemetery.
portrait_of_dr_schwann_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Dr. Schwann Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in the Sunken Mary Rose.
portrait_of_duke_stewart_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Duke Stewart Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in the Mill, left of A6 Owl statue.
portrait_of_lady_katniss_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Lady Katniss Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in the basement of Painter's Cottage.
portrait_of_mr_and_mrs_chandler_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Mr & Mrs. Chandler Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found under Maye Bridge.
portrait_of_officer_kao_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Officer Kao Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in the Village Head's House in the Flooded Area.
portrait_of_scholar_woods_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Portrait of Scholar Woods Happy Accident Give to Hugh at the Painter's Cottage. Found in Room 237 of the Tavern.
potion_box_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Potion Box

Mysterious Person

Can be given to various people. Given by Daisy upon exiting Doctor's Home.
reused_bottle_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Reused Bottle Errands Give to Daisy. Given by Carlos in Maye Hall.
ruby_necklace_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ruby Necklace Bruna Missing Give to Tangerine. Given by Bruna after defeating Brood Mother.
rusty_axe_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Rusty Pickaxe - Crafting material for Metal Hood
Drop from Hammer Miners.
salt_bag_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Salt Bag Beyond the Limits
Shortage of Salt
One of items requested by the Blademaster
Give 1 to Chef to receive Apprentice's Frying Pan
Crafting material for Agony Dagger
Drop from Ogres in Heart of Groundwater.
scapula_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Scapula Eliminate the Skeletons Give to Atlas (Act 2)
Drop from Skull Fighters.
scarlet_ocarina_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Scarlet Ocarina Vigilant's Trial
The Gate to the Other Side
Grants access to Death's Destination. Found in Catacombs (Prologue).
small_folded_note_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Small Folded Note Royal Detective Give to Thurber W. Sungi. Talk to Mahrez in Maye Village (Prologue) several times.
sporangium_of_slime_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Sporangium of Slime Beyond the Limits

One of items requested by the Blademaster.
Crafting material for Concentrated Water Drop

Drop from Slimes.
stinky_helmet_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Stinky Helmet Glorious Guard Give to Steve at Guard Outpost to receive Collection of Duran's Letters. Found below Maye Bridge (Prologue).
the_first_half_of_a_research_report_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki The First Half of a Research Report Ancient Seal
Mysterious Person
- Given by Hilda after showing her The Second Half of a Research Report.
the_fractured_holy_six_nicklace_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki The Fractured Holy Six Necklace Ancient Seal
Serve the Church
Show to Sister Holly to be allowed to take an exam. Given by Rove after Doctor's visit to Maye Hall if Leila doubts Bishop's existence.
the_second_half_of_a_research_report_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki The Second Half of a Research Report Ancient Seal
Mysterious Person
Show to Hilda to get Daisy's Bracelet and The First Half of a Research Report. Doctor's Home (Act 2)
three_pillars_of_joss_sticks_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Three Pillars of Joss Sticks - Grant access to The City of Roots. Guaranteed drop from optional boss Blue Magpie.
tool_kit_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Tool Kit  - Increases max number of consumables Leila can carry. Mine Site: in a chest in the Miner's Dining Room.
transporter_handle_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Transporter Handle Rescue the Survivors Use to activate the transporter to the Mine. Given by Foreman Edward at Mine Site.
vertebra_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Vertebra Eliminate the Skeletons Give to Atlas (Act 2)
Drop from Skull Archers.
vivid_statue_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Vivid Statue Happy Accident Return to Hugh to get Fallen Amaterasu. Found in Catacombs, right of E3 Owl statue.
wheelbarrow_wheel_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Wheelbarrow Wheel - Crafting material for Rim Hat
Drop from Pickaxe Miners.
wing_of_a_bat_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Wing of a Bat - Crafting material for Bat Cloak
Drop from Bats.






Keys are Key items in Vigil: The Longest Night designed to open doors.



Related Quest



Amethyst Key Amethyst Key The Gate to the Other Side
The Twins
Unlocks the door to Amethyst Catacombs. Appears on the table in Leila's Home after defeating Dephil, The First One.
cave_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Cave Key Bruna Missing Opens locked door in Secret Cave (Prologue). Found in Secret Cave (Prologue)
cemetery_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Cemetery Key Bruna Missing Grants access to Catacombs (Prologue) Given by Bruna after defeating Brood Mother.
doctors_dormitory_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Doctor's Dormitory Key Ancient Seal (Mysterious Person) Grants access to Doctor's Home. Accept Hilda's quest to infiltrate Doctor's Home, then talk to Carlos in Maye Hall and invite the Doctor to the Hall. The key will appear in his office in the Asylum.
key_of_forbidden_library_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Key of Forbidden Library Light of the Truth Unlocks the door in Forbidden Library (Act 3) Light of the Truth quest reward, can be found in Bishop's Room in Act 3.
mine_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Mine Key - Unlocks doors in the Mine and at Mine Site. Mine, in a large room with two Pickaxe Miners.
secret_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Secret Key Bruna Missing Unlocks the door in Professor's Home (Prologue). Located in Catacombs (Prologue)
sewer_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Sewer Key - Unlocks doors in Insidious Sewer and Sewer on Estuary. Found in Insidious Sewer.
underground_hall_key_key_items_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Underground Hall Key - Unlocks doors in Underground Hall. In a secret tunnel below F2 Owl Statue in Lower Underground Hall.


House Decorations in Vigil: The Longest Night are Key Items that one acquires from completing quests or by finding them in the world. They can be used to decorate Leila's home.




ancient_stone_plate_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Ancient Stone Plate The Mine.
bat_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Bat Specimen Limestone Way.
bearskin_rug_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Bearskin Rug Miner's Path.
classic_incense_burner_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Classic Incense Burner

Sewer on Estuary: in a locked room roughly between B5 and B6 Owl statues. From B5, move left through a long corridor until you get to a large gap. Locked room is in the middle of the right wall of the area below. Requires Sewer Key to get.

earth_spiders_shell_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Earth Spider's Shell Mountain Cave.
elegant_bed_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Elegant Bed

Sewer on Estuary: top right corner of the large room left of B5 Owl statue. To get there jump up at the statue and keep moving through the secret passage until you reach the room from above, then dash jump to the right.

elegant_bed_drapes_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Elegant Bed Drapes

Maye Sewer: behind a locked door directly to the right of E5 Owl statue. Requires Sewer Key to get.

elegant_cabinet_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Elegant Cabinet On the right ledge in the room above B2 Owl statue.
elegant_statue_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Elegant Statue Sunken Mary Rose in Flooded Area.
fortune_geode_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Fortune Geode The Mine.
freshwater_deep_one_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Freshwater Deep One's Specimen Hunter's House at Bufonitte Lake.
giant_bat_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Giant Bat Specimen Limestone Way.
giant_lice_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Giant Lice Specimen Secret Cave, climb over the broken elevator and slide to the left.
giant_moth_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Giant Moth Specimen Miner's Path
giant_mouse_baby_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Giant Mouse Baby

Sewer on Estuary: use slide at the right wall of Gnawing Beast's arena. Giant Mouse Baby is on the floor in the next room.

glass_heart_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Glass Heart

Keep shaking patient's bed at the Asylum until he wakes up.

gorgeous_candlestick_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Gorgeous Candlestick In the Tavern.
gorgeous_chair_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Gorgeous Chair Inside one of buildings in Wasted Town.
gorgeous_chandalier_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Gorgeous Chandalier Inside Sunken Queen Anne's Revenge in Flooded Area.
gorgeous_table_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Gorgeous Table

Sewer on Estuary: in a locked room above B6 Owl statue. Requires Sewer Key to get.

grandfather_clock_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Grandfather Clock Inside one of buildings in Wasted Town.
human-fly_hybrid_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Human-Fly Hybrid Specimen Secret Cave, in the room above the broken elevator.
kintsugi_vase_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Kintsugi Vase Inside Nordic Warship in Flooded Area.
mandrake_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Mandrake Peak of Weep.
painting_of_zeelandia_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Painting of Zeelandia In the Library.
poisonous_moth_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Poisonous Moth Specimen Hunter's House in Peak of Weep.
saltwater_deep_one_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Saltwater Deep One's Specimen Trading Ship in Flooded Area.
shimmer_code_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Shimmer Code

Shimmer Church: in the Forbidden Library.

shimmer_shrine_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Shimmer Shrine Catacombs.
skull_spider_specimen_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Skull Spider Specimen

Underground Cave: behind a fake ceiling in the middle of the corridor below E7 Owl statue, between two paths leading up.

stele_of_the_ancient_battlefield_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Stele of the Ancient Battlefield In a cave hidden below Giantwood in Peak of Weep. Jump down the small bridge leading to Bufonitte Lake and slide to either side.
the_stars_of_r'lyeh_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki The Stars of R'lyeh

Village (Act 2): given by Winter for completing his quest, Late Reconciliation.
Can be found in Act 3 at Winter's location if the quest wasn't completed in Act 2.

trapezohedron_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Trapezohedron Top of the Giantwood.
vigilant_rituals_hanging_shaft_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Vigilant Ritual's Hanging Shaft

Upper Catacombs, to the left of E3 Owl statue. 

weird_puppet_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki Weird Puppet

Given by Noax after completing her quest, The Draft in a Bottle. Talk twice to her to get the doll.

wooden_hanging_shaft_decoration_vigiltln_icon_85_wiki.png Wooden Hanging Shaft Speak to the Professor at the Empty Library (Prologue), then head to the Valley and climb all the way to the top of the waterfalls and speak to him again to get the item.

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