Key Items or Quest Items is an item category in Vigil: The Longest Night. Key Items are used to further progress the game's story as well as side quests, key items are found in specific locations or are given by a related NPC, some Key Items are also categorized as "miscellaneous items" that are dropped by enemies and are mainly used to be sold to Merchants to obtain Gold. This page covers a list of all the Key Items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.



Vigil: The Longest Night Key Items

Name & Icon


Ceremonial Bell
Stinky Helmet
The inside stinks and is slick with grease and speckled with dandruff. Whoever this belongs to takes care of neither it nor themself.
Collection of Duran's Letters
"Your last letter said that guards used to have to pass five trials to qualify as Gate Guards. Where did you read that? That's hilarious! The "Gate Guard" is actually a symbolic name, guard means defender for sure, but no one knows that the gate represents! - Isa." "Hmm. As to the references, it's hard to choose one... the Battle of Diqbushire and the Lindville Chronicle. Oops! That's two then. - Isa." "You want to meet? I... I'd love to, of course, but there's nothing to do here but read old books. It takes a month's travel, you wouldn't want to come here. - Isa."
Birthday Cake
Silian made this for Daisy's birthday. None of the other customers at the pub have ever ordered one.
Mysterious Manuscript
The manuscript is written in an incomprehensible language all knowledge you uncover is added to it. The number of pages you hold affects your arcane power.
Bloody Iron Nail
An iron nail with an unknown being's bloodstain on it. (Can be sold to merchants)
Hexagonal Candle
These candles are used throughout all three stages in the Shimmerless Day's ritual: Sunlight, Holy War, and Night.
Folded Little Note
The crimson is much more effective than the earlier pale red. Continuous use makes the subject accept implants much more readily with a lower chance of rejection... (multiple words are crossed out here) maintain a normal state... but there are symptoms of addiction, resulting in migraine headaches...
A corner of cloth scrap
A piece of white cloth that looks like it's been torn from something.
Wing of a Bat
A body part from a wild bat. Merchants will buy these from you. (Can be sold to merchants)
Sporangium of Slime
An enclosure in which spores are formed. The next generation of slime will be born from this. (Can be sold to merchants)
Wooden Hanging Shaft
Can be used to decorate your room.
Elevator Lever
Used to start the elevator.
Bruna's Diary, Part 1
3/4 - Chris started to lose control at the same time that Gram started sneaking around. I don't think I was the only one who noticed, but Mother was suspicious of him... no one will talk about it.
Broken Drip Bottle
A broken drip bottle that contains the residue of an unknown red liquid.  (Can be sold to merchants)
Bruna's Diary, Part 2
3/6 - When I took the medicine, I realized that it had nothing to do with Charis. I know nothing good comes of eavesdropping, but...I can't believe this... I need to take a breath!
Ruby Necklace
A ruby brooch. The dark red gem has a brilliant luster; it almost looks like a flame dances inside.
Cemetery Key
An old key with a blue ribbon tied around it.
The most common body part fro heroes to injure when finishing their killer moves.  (Can be sold to merchants)
Also known as a backbone. All people have a physical vertebra, but few have a spiritual one.  (Can be sold to merchants)
Ceremonial Blouse
In the "Holy War" stage and the "Night" stage, all believers have to wear a ceremonial blouse, symbolizing the Goddess' sacrifice of Her Holy Body to protect the world and Her transformation into the Shimmer. However, there's a spray of blood on the chest of this blouse, which is definitely not a part of the ceremony.
Secret Key
The head is carved to look like an eye. It's not clear what it opens, but it feels heavy and worn - it must be used frequently.
Scarlet Ocarina
Use it in front of the ceremonial stone monument in the catacombs, you will be transferred into an unknown space.
A simple toy ball, often played with by children.
Eternal Daylight
A clear gem inlaid on an eight-claw brass ring. It doesn't look like anything from this world.
Daisy's headwear
Daisy always wears it. Elegant and a little playful.
Portrait of Scholar Woods
As a famous geographer, his most distinguished works are those dealing with the mysterious island Asomrof.
Message in a Bottle
A sealed bottle containing notes that may one day reach the other side of the sea.
Portrait of Lady Katniss
Lady Katniss published over 32 works of prose and poetry works; garnering a legacy as one of the great weiters.
Jewelry Box
A finely crafted and exquisitely carved jewelry box.
Gorgeous Chandelier
Can be used to decorate your room.
Unknown Powder
A fine, white powder that, with the right process, can be refined into life saving medicine.
Dirty Bottle
Contained medicine crafted by Carlos.
Daisy's Special Drink
Daisy's drink with the smell of pepper mixed with almond.
Painting of Zeelandia
Can be used to decorate your room.
Portrait of Count Leonard
Count Leonard took vigorous measures against hoards of mercenaries and bandits, saving many lives.
The pelvis contains the sexual organs, bladder, and lower intestines.  (Can be sold to merchants)
Transporter Handle
A handle that activates the pit entrance conveyer.
Wheelbarrow Wheel
A wheel that fell off of a miner's wheelbarrow.  (Can be sold to merchants)
Mine Key
The key to the mine.
Ancient Stone Plate
Can be used to decorate your room.
Bouncing Fireball
The burning core of an Erupting flesh cluster. Creates a large fireball which bounces off the ground and splits into smaller balls of fire.
Cubic Crystal
A weird crystalline fragment, it seems this fragment has a little magical power within.
Bring this allows you to collect extra consumable items in your inventory.
Fortune Geode
Can be used to decorate your room.
A strange reddish brown crystal humming with mysterious energy. Your fingers tingle and go numb while holding it.
Gorgeous Candlestick
Can be used to decorate your room.
Portrait of Mr & Mrs. Candler
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler are very kind. Their heartfelt donations have helped many local children.
Shimmer Shrine
Can be used to decorate your room.
Vigilant Ritual's Hanging Shaft
Can be used to decorate your room.
Cerulean Ocarina
Use it in front of the ceremonial stone monument in the catacombs, you will be transferred into an unknown space.
Elegant Cabinet
Can be used to decorate your room.
Elegant Statue
Can be used to decorate your room.
Stele of the Ancient Battlefield
Can be used to decorate your room.

Eye Cloth

A piece of rag stained with sweat and filth.

Doctor's Dormitory Key

An iron key shaped like a crow's beak. The golden grain on this key reveals the holder's pursuit of knowledge.

Potion Box

This wooden box contains the Doctor's Latest medical concoction.

Daisy's Bracelet

A simple copper bracelet, set with a small opaque sapphire.

The First Half of the Research Report

According to my source, the pale red concoction will cause an effect similar to a plague. It will spread rapidly, and could be used to suppress follower of the Church and the intellectuals at the Hall. The trouble maker, Dawn, is the only concern, but she's so unlikeable and no one listens to her, it shouldn't be an issue.

The Second Half of the Research Report

Before I burn these old books, I should record something. I have to remove all clues related to the plague, as I do not intend to irritate my rebirth nymph, but as a doctor, pioneer, and servant of the true Goddess, I hope that someday all will understand what I have accomplished.

The Fractured Holy Six Necklace

A Holy Six Necklace with a fractured piece. It almost seems like a symbol of resistance.

Salt Bag

The oldest flavoring in the world, the source of the salty taste.

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      I saw a on YouTube a player getting the Classic Incense Burner decoration from a locked room at sewers, but I went there and there was no chest for me. Is it bug or do I need to do something else first?

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        anyone know where all of the hunter's houses are I have found the ones in Bufonitte Lake, Peak of Weep, Limestone Way and Depressing Forest.

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