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Character Type NPC

Act 2

  • Outskirts of Maye
  • Miner's Path
  • Depressing Forest
  • Peak of Weep
  • Top of the Giantwood

Act 3

  • Maye Hall, Workshop
  • Village, Mill

Hilda is an NPC in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


What can be sweeter than lies and secrets? But all sweet things are bad for your health."


Hilda Information

Hilda is a young, enigmatic woman dressed in all black. After Leila arrives to Maye Town and speaks to the Doctor Hilda sends her a message, asking to meet her in the Outskirts of Maye, which initiates her quest called Mysterious Person. Should Leila accept her invitation Hilda will gift her Fallen Eyeball and offer to meet again, on the Miner's Path, to see if they can trust each other. There Hilda will share with Leila her theory: that there's no plague at all, and that somebody is tricking everyone into believeing that there is. Leila demands evidence, which Hilda promises to deliver if Leila finds her in the Depressing Forest. In the forest Hilda mentions having the top half a certain document, but she does not have the bottom half, where the signature is. As the last test of trust for Leila Hilda directs her towards the Ancient Battlefield at the Peak of Weep. Pleasantly surprised that Leila found her there, Hilda asks her if she ever thought that the Doctor might be behind the plague. Leila once again demands evidence, and Hilda proposes a plan: she will lure the Doctor out of his study so that Leila can search it. She then gifts Leila Breath of the Goddess. After obtaining The Second Half of a Research Report speak to Hilda on her initial spot in the Outskirts of Maye to get The First Half of a Research Report from her. The quest ends here.

If the player speaks to Hilda with any number of Potion Boxes in their inventory (quest: Placebos) Hilda will note that they do not smell right and tell Leila to give placebos to her. Giving all boxes to Hilda is the only way to obtain monetary reward from the Doctor without suffering negative consequences.

Hilda's fate in Act 3 depends on how the quest Ancient Seal was completed. If the player gives Cubic Crystals to the Doctor or uses them on the Top of the Giantwood by themselves then Hilda will be found dying in the middle of Maye Hall's Workshop. She will lament her failure and beg Leila to kill her while she's still sane. Hilda's Hat can be looted from her body.

If the player refuses the Doctor's request Hilda will meet Leila outside of the Asylum. She will admit that she's surprised that Leila refused the Doctor, then ask Leila to meet her at the Top of the Giantwood. At the Giantwood Hilda will urge Leila to explore Inside of the Giantwood, thus starting the quest The Truth. Unable to enter the Giantwood with Leila Hilda will give her Phantom Daggers as a parting gift. After the player finishes exploring the Giantwood Hilda can be found in the Village's mill along with other survivors. Upon being spoken to Hilda admits that the current situation is beyond her powers, and give the player Hilda's Hat.


Hilda Location


Hilda Associated Quest


Hilda Notes & Tips

  • Hilda wears the same red brooch as Bruna did.
  • Hilda is one of few characters that acknowledges Leila and Daisy's relation.
  • Phantom Daggers can only be obtained by following Hilda to the Top of the Giantwood.



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