The Believer of Light

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Character Type NPC
Location Maye Hall

The Believers of Light are a group of NPCs in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


If there is such a thing as the Light, it must come from the Doctor, too."


The Believer of Light Information

The Believers of Light are the religious residents of Maye Hall. Three of them can be found in different corners of the main area. They're all somewhat distraught, scared of the plague and how it's been slowly changing the town, killing their friends and relatives. Initially all three Believers of Light show hostility towards the Doctor for various reasons, thinking him a non-believer for trying to stop the plague by himself instead of praying to the Goddess, and calling everyone who trusts him mad. Upon listening to the Doctor's sermon (quest: Mysterious Person) which reveals his devotion to the Goddess all three admit misunderstanding the Doctor before and begin singing praises to him; one going as far as critisizing the nuns of the Shimmer Church for not helping townsfolk like the Doctor does. During a side quest Placebos the Believers of Light refuse to take Potion Boxes from Leila, stating that they already took medicide from the Doctor.

In Act 3 three Mutated Louse Men will be found in place of the Believers of Light. In Underground Halls the player will encounter Cultists in Yellow who are dressed similarly to the Believers of Light.


The Believer of Light Location


The Believer of Light Associated Quest

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The Believer of Light Notes & Tips

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