Maps for Vigil: The Longest Night features information regarding a diagrammatic representation or the layout of the various locations that are encountered in the game. Whenever a player discovers a new location and explores new parts of the area, the map is automatically generated and will be ready for players to use if needed.


Some areas feature smaller sub-areas, those were grouped together for convenience.



mountain pass prologue map vigiltln wiki

 maye bridge prologue map vigiltln wiki

 maye town prologue map vigiltln wiki

Maye Town

Gate Outpost  |  Idonea's Shop |  Smithy
Professor's Home  |  Mukddar's Home
Tavern  |  Home  |  Supply Warehouse



outskirts of maye prologue map vigiltln wiki

church plaza empty library map vigiltln wiki

village wasteland map vigiltln wiki

Church Plaza

Empty Library


Gram's Home  |  Bruna's Home





catacombs prologue map vigiltln wiki

deaths destination map vigiltln wiki




Act 2

mountain pass map vigiltln wiki

maye bridge map vigiltln wiki

maye town map vigiltln wiki

Maye Town

Gate Outpost  |  Idonea's Shop |  Smithy
Home  |  Doctor's Home  |  Tavern
Room 217  |  Room 237  |  Kitchen
Asylum  |  Painter's Cottage



maye hall map vigiltln wiki

outskirts of maye map vigiltln wiki

Church Plaza map

Maye Hall Square

Maye Hall  |  Workshop  |  Dormitory

Church Plaza

Library  |  Shimmer Church
Forbidden Library  |  Bishop's Room



village map vigiltln wiki

wasted town map vigiltln wiki

valley map vigiltln wiki


Mill  |  Paul's and Vincent's Home  |  Dawn's Home

Wasted Town

Abandoned Jewelry Shop  |  Spice Shop
Food Shop  |  Antique Shop  |  Tailor's Shop
Village Head's House



secret trail secret cave map act2 vigiltln wiki

flooded area map vigiltln wiki

sewer on estuary map vigiltln wiki

Secret Trail

Secret Cave

Flooded Area

Abandoned House  |  Abandoned Store  |  Herb Store
Hamilton's House  |  Wasted Warehouse
Nordic Warship  |  Sunken Queen Anne's Revenge
Trading Ship  |  Sunken Mary Rose
Giant Shipwreck  |  Stranded Cabin





mine site map vigiltln wiki

mine map vigiltln wiki

limestone way map vigiltln wiki

Mine Site

Miner's Dormitory  |  Miner's Dining Room

Limestone Way

Hunter's House (E)



depressing forest map vigiltln wiki

peak of weep map vigiltln wiki

bufonitte lake map vigiltln wiki

Depressing Forest

Cat Isle  |  Hunter's House (A)

Peak of Weep

Hunter's House (B)  |  Hunter's House (C)

Bufonitte Lake

Hunter's House (D)









Frozen Realm map

Shadow Disaster map

everlasting cage map vigiltln wiki

The City of Roots map



Act 3

Maye Town (Act 3) map

Shimmer Church Plaza (Act 3) map

Village (Act 3) map



Upper Underground Hall map

Middle Underground Hall map

Lower Underground Hall map

Dilapidated Nightmare





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