Maps for Vigil: The Longest Night features information regarding a diagrammatic representation or the layout of the various locations that are encountered in the game. Whenever a player discovers a new location and explores new parts of the area, the map is automatically generated and will be ready for players to use if needed.


Some areas feature smaller sub-areas, those were grouped together for convenience.




mountain pass prologue map vigiltln wiki

 maye bridge prologue map vigiltln wiki

 maye town prologue map vigiltln wiki

Maye Town

Gate Outpost  |  Idonea's Shop |  Smithy
Professor's Home  |  Mukddar's Home
Tavern  |  Home  |  Supply Warehouse


outskirts of maye prologue map vigiltln wiki

church plaza empty library map vigiltln wiki

village wasteland map vigiltln wiki

Church Plaza

Empty Library


Gram's Home  |  Bruna's Home





catacombs prologue map vigiltln wiki

deaths destination map vigiltln wiki




Act 2



maye hall map vigiltln wiki

outskirts of maye map vigiltln wiki

Church Plaza map

Maye Hall Square

Maye Hall  |  Workshop  |  Dormitory

Church Plaza

Library  |  Shimmer Church
Forbidden Library  |  Bishop's Room



Village Map

Wasted Town map

Valley map 


Mill  |  Paul's and Vincent's Home  |  Dawn's Home

Wasted Town

Abandoned Jewelry Shop  |  Spice Shop
Food Shop | Antique Shop | Tailor's Shop
Village Head's House



Secret Trail + Secret Cave map

flooded area map vigiltln wiki

sewer on estuary map vigiltln wiki

Secret Trail

Secret Cave

Flooded Area

Abandoned House  |  Abandoned Store | Herb Store
Hamilton's House | Wasted Warehouse
Nordic Warship | Sunken Queen Anne's Revenge
Trading Ship | Sunken Mary Rose
Giant Shipwreck | Stranded Cabin



insidious sewer map vigiltln wiki

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