Arcane Item is an item category in Vigil: The Longest Night. Players must equip Arcane Items to their quick slot for it to be used by Leila, these items allow her to execute various effects in the form of a mysterious form of magic. Casting Arcane Magic consumes Mana when used, which is shown to the right at the bottom right of the item's icon. Apart from that, each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status. This page covers a list of all the Arcane Items in the game.

Arcane Items are the only type of collectibles that does not get revealed on the map by Light of Exploration.



Vigil: The Longest Night Arcane Items






Bloody Stamp

Temporarily increases Leila's attack but consumes HP for a short period of time. Found Professor's Home (Prologue).
Purchased from Mysterious Trader.

Bouncing Fireball

Summon a large fireball that splits into pieces and bounces off surfaces.  Guaranteed drop from Erupting Flesh Cluster

Breath of the Ancient Guard

Creates a wave of poisonious explosions. Dropped by The Ancient Guard.

Breath of the Goddess

Damages enemies and pushes them back for a short duration of time or until it hits an obstacle.
Opens pathways marked by green symbol.
Mysterious Person quest  reward.

Caged Head

Creates a spectral cage in front of Leila and temporarely reduces damage and defense of enemies caught within. Found in Lower Catacombs.
Concentrated Water Drop

Concentrated Water Drop

Launches a fast-moving projectile. (Beta)  Crafted from Blueprint: Concentrated Water Drop.

Confine Momentum

Slows time. The Twins quest reward (Janis).

Contracted Bat

Summons Giant Bats. Found in Limestone Way


Summons light projectiles in all directions. Light of the Truth quest reward.

Fallen Eyeball

Throw an eyeball that grants vision around the environment beyond your sight. Given by Hilda in Maye Outskirts.

Feast of Joy

Creates a short-ranged blast that deals damage to all enemies caught within. Enemies at low HP recieve 9999 damage. The Twins quest reward (Janis).

Flaming Magpie

Summons a flock of bluebirds that damages upon hit. Best Audience quest reward.
Purchased from Mysterious Trader.

Frost Spear

Fires a projectile tht creates Downally's statue upon touching the ground, causing damage to enemies if it lands on them. Prevents Leila from walking through it, but does not block enemies or their projectiles. Dropped by Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers

Glowing Orb

Creates a light wave that brightens surroundings for a couple of seconds. Miner's Path, hidden inside a tree.

Hand of Flames

Creates a flaming hand that burns enemies and sets them on fire.
Destroys flaming barriers.
Mine, located after Erupting Flesh Cluster's arena.

Hand of Glory

Steals an item or coins from an enemy. Works only once per enemy. Flooded Area, Sunken Mary Rose.

Hand of Shadow

Creates a wave on the ground that traps and damages enemies caught in it's path. Given by Mukddars.
Purchased from Mysterious Trader.

Life Debt

Reduces another item's cooldown by consuming Leila's health. Cemetery, use slide at the bottom of the right wall.

Light of Exploration

Releases a wave that allows to see remaining collectibles on the map. Sewer on the Estuary, behind one of locked doors opened with Sewer Key.

Owl's Feather

Teleports to the last used Owl's Statue. Given by The Lantern Keeper.
Purchased from Idonea.

Poison of Hatred

Creates a short-ranged poisonous cloud.  The Twins quest reward (Silvia).

Power of Dizziness

Stuns an enemy. Sewer on Estuary, behind a breakable wall.

Raging March

Leaves a fiery trail as Leila moves and sets enemies on fire. Reactivate to stop the flames. The Twins quest reward (Janis).

Residual Image

Creates a phantom copy of Leila, confusing the enemy to attack the copy instead. Heart of Groundwater.

Snake Raid

Summon three serpents that attack closest enemy within Leila's field of vision. Inside the Giantwood.

Starburst Compass

Temporarely makes Leila immune to physical melee damage. Does not protect from projectiles or elemental damage.   The Twins quest reward (Silvia).

Stone of Confusion

Causes an enemy attack other enemies for a short period of time. Insidious Sewer, behind a locked door opened with Sewer Key.

The Flower of Doth

Summons a plant that damages an enemy that walks over it. Peak of Weep.

The Twin Snakes

Reduces all monsters' resistance for a short time. Depressing Forest.

Time Deviation

Leila creates a phantom of herself that she can return to within next 5 seconds. Bufonitte Lake.

Uptancos' Horn

Releases a blast of thunder that damages enemies.  Dropped by Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder.

Weird Pot

Summons black mists that attack enemies closest to Leila. Wasted Town, in the house closest to Limestone Way exit.


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    • Anonymous

      11 May 2021 04:52  

      one Arcane, icon looks like a magic mirror, can fully cover physical damage for more than 15sec seem also missing here

      • 07 Nov 2020 17:54  

        Glowing Orb reveals secret areas and will help you find all the other items. It can be found in the Miner's Path; on the map it is directly above the Owl Statue of the Lower Mine Entrance. The Glowing Orb is hidden in the hollow of a large tree. Use the Recurve Bow or dash/air dash to reach it from the nearby tree stumps.

        • Anonymous

          01 Nov 2020 17:05  

          Glowing Orb in Miner's Path area, inside the big tree that occupy to the 3 level of the area, use the 2 cut tree for step and air dash to reach it.

          • Anonymous

            26 Oct 2020 01:46  

            If anyone is looking for:
            -Starbust Compass
            -Poison of Hatred
            -Raging March
            -Feast of Joy
            -Confine Momentum
            head to

            • Anonymous

              19 Oct 2020 09:38  

              I'm looking for a starburst compass arcane. Help me . .There is no npc that should exist near by Limestone way owl statue . .Is it a problem that the red moon appears?

              • Anonymous

                19 Oct 2020 01:44  

                I'm still trying to find the Glowing Orb, Life Debt, Wall of Wind and Poison of Hatred. Does anyone have a clue on those?

                • Anonymous

                  18 Oct 2020 14:17  

                  I'm looking for Residual Image.
                  It pops out during loading screen so it does exists, but I can't seem to find it.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Oct 2020 21:39  

                    Breath of the Ancient Guard drops from the Ancient Guard boss, but it appears to be completely random on whether or not it drops or not. Similarly with the Reaper Halberd the boss also drops.

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