Weapons for Vigil: The Longest Night is an equipment category of the game, weapons are equipped by the protagonist and are used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as enemies and bosses. In Vigil: The Longest Night, weapons are categorized into four types, Swords, Daggers, Bows, and Halberds, players can choose and equip up to three kinds of weapons which can be easily changed on the fly which allows the capability of quickly adapting to the situation in battle. Apart from that, each weapon has unique moves that can be learned and acquired through upgrading each weapon's skill tree, this provides a player to create the ultimate warrior of light that specializes in multiple aspects. This page covers a list of all the Weapons that can be found in the game.  

Weapon Handling

In Vigil: The Longest Night, there are four weapons that you can choose from and Leila can equip three different types of weapons. To check your weapons, open the side menu, and select the equipment menu to view or change your weapons. When you are exploring or in the middle of the battle, Leila can swap weapons on the fly by pressing the corresponding button to switch weapons, this allows players to quickly adapt to certain situations to easily dispatch threats.

Each weapon has a fixed special action. By pressing the corresponding button for the special action Leila can:

  • Block, Absorb, and Parry attacks with the Sword.
  • Halberds can be charged up to release a tremendous attack against enemies.
  • Launch a critical attack that breaks enemy defenses when Daggers are equipped.
  • And switch between unique types of arrows such as flaming or poison arrows if Leila is using the Bow.

Some weapons in the game have special moves, apart from special actions. Special moves for a weapon require the player to follow and press series of buttons to execute the weapon's move. For example, the Owl Claymore has the Leaping Spin move if you press Left, Right + Attack Button. Special moves consume Stamina when it is executed. You'll be able to identify if a weapon has a special move by checking the weapon in the equipment menu and look below the description/weapon stats box.

Weapon Modification

Weapons can be modified by forging or enchanting. Speak to Zachary at the Smithy in Maye Town for weapon modification. Forging requires Gold and Shimmer Stones to increase the weapon's level. The maximum level for a weapon to be forged is up to +7.

On the other hand, weapons can also be enchanted by forging gems to obtain unique buffs or effects. All equipment can be enchanted, except for rings. Take note that a weapon can only be enchanted once and the older gem's effect will be replaced if you re-enchant. Enchanting requires a certain amount of Gold and Gems.


Vigil: TLN Weapon Categories


The Sword, a common and basic weapon that can deal high damage, as well as light and heavy attacks.


The Bow is capable of executing light and powered shots from a distance. Requires arrows to be used.


The Daggers are capable of inflicting light and fast attacks that can easily stun enemies.


The Halberd constricts Leila's movements but it is capable of inflicting heavy powerful blows.



All Weapons Gallery


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      Missing Northwind, an axe found in the first ship you enter coming from the Wasted Warehouse lantern. After you get in, and manage to lower the wooden cargo dont go up the (broken) stairs, slide under them, and you'll get to an area with some slimes and the axe's chest

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