Character Type NPC
Location Everlasting Cage

Dephil is an NPC in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Daisy... If I could go back, I would read fairy tales with you instead of "The Pilgrimage of the Helious."


Dephil Information

For the boss of the same name see Dephil, The First One.

Vigilant Dephil, also known as The First One, was the fist of the Vigilant Order who tried to end the Longest Night. Following the letter of her little sister, Daisy, Dephil arrived to Maye Town to celebrate Daisy's sixteenth birthday, as well as investigate the sudden increase in monster activity in the town's vicinity. When Dephil arrived to Maye Town she was ambushed by a mutated monstrosity called The Craving Terror at the town's gate, which she killed. In the town Dephil couldn't find Daisy, but instead learned of a strange disappearance a young pair, Bruna and Gram, and was asked to search for clues by Captain Carl and others. During her investigation Dephil teamed up with a royal spy Thurber W. Sungi who revealed to her that the young couple weren't the only ones who went missing: people were disappearing all over the region.

Further search brought Dephil to the Secret Cave, a secret lair of the Professor and like-minded heretics who were kidnapping animals and humans and performing gruesome experiments on them. At the end of the cave Dephil found Brood Mother: the missing Bruna, who fell a victim to the Professor's schemes and ended up being used in a ritual, which was supposed to help her reach higher existence but ended up a failure due to the Professor's own mistake. After putting down Brood Mother Dephil returned Maye Town to share the news of the Professor's deeds, as well as Bruna's death. There she learned that Daisy was heard talking about the Cemetery, and hurried there to catch up with her. At the gates to the Catacombs Dephil found the second missing person: Gram, who revealed that he was working for the Professor in exchange for a cure for his sick brother Chris. Gram was enraged by the Professor's betrayal and was waiting for his return, as he knew that the Professor's rituals required the Gate hidden deep within the Catacombs. He succumbed to his wounds in front of Dephil. Dephil entered the Catacombs and hid at the Gate, but when the Professor arrived he managed to convince Dephil to join his cause: with Dephil's sister, Daisy, as their new test subject. Turned out that Dephil and Daisy are "blonde twins": sisters with the blood of the Old Ones in their veins, and Daisy was a reincarnation of the Shimmer Goddess.

The details of further events are unclear, but when the second ritual, which took place inside of the Giantwood, was a step away from completion Dephil broke down and fled. Daisy disappeared as well. The Professor, infuriated by such turn of events and with nowhere left to run, offered himself to the Sealed Other God and was transformed into Scholar of the Sacred Wood. Unable to kill the Professor, yet determined to prevent him from freely wrecking havoc in the world Vigilants, Maye Guard, and Shimmer Church worked together to seal him and other heathens (and themselves) in the Giantwood. The event came to be known as the Battle of Giantwood or the Great Siege. Dephil herself got trapped in the Everlasting Cage, sealed away by the Metallic Ocarina.

The loss of many Vigilants and high-ranking Shimmer Church priests weakened both organizations so much that eventually both were taken over by traitors and heathens who twisted their core beliefs the other way around: worshipping the sun instead of protecting the night. Vigilants of the current days revere Dephil's deeds and perform a ritual to inherit her experience, which they hope will help them to finish what she started: end the Longest Night once and for all. A young Vigilant, Leila, undergoes the ritual at the start of the game.


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Dephil Notes & Tips

  • The existence of the ritual that Vigilants of the present era undergo is mentioned in the description of Dephil's Coat. Most of the prologue is Leila reliving Dephil's memories.
  • While no one in the prologue openly refers to Leila by her name, in a secret cutscene in the Catacombs the Professor refers to the one he's speaking to as "Dephil".
  • Despite the fact that Dephil and Daisy are often being called twins in the game, apparently their birthdays fall on different days. Daisy's birthday is the same day as Shimmerless Day, and Dephil's birthday is never mentioned.
  • Janis' dialogue heavily implies that Dephil killed Daisy.



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