Daggers in Vigil: The Longest Night is a weapon type. The Daggers is one of the four types of weapon that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the daggers is capable of inflicting light and fast attacks. Daggers can be obtained by purchasing it from certain Merchants, dropped by some enemies or bosses, looted from chests, and can be acquired as a reward for completing a quest. This page covers a full list of all the Daggers shown in the game.

Combat Mechanic

In Vigil: The Longest Night, each weapon has its own unique set of moves that changes Leila's stance and fighting style when she switches weapons. If the daggers are equipped, Leila can execute light, fast attacks, and is capable of stunning the enemy. However, she loses the ability to block like the sword and the dodge mechanic of a front roll and backstep is replaced with a blink that allows Leila to teleport through the enemy and its attacks. If a blink is triggered at the right moment, Leila can also inflict damage onto the enemy.

Mastering the Daggers

Vigil: The Longest Night introduces a character progression system in the game and for the Daggers, it has its own skill tree. Whenever Leila levels up, she gains (1) Skill Point that can be used to unlock skills - unlocking skills for the sword in the Daggers Skill Tree will further increase Leila's mastery of using the Daggers which allows her to execute more combat moves whenever she uses the said weapon in battle.




Vigil: The Longest Night Daggers

Name & Icon


Poise Damage


Agony Dagger

Agony Dagger +7

35 87.5

Back Stab Damage: +43.8%

Potion Recovery: -8.8%

Amethyst Dagger

Amethyst Dagger +7

31.5 49

Attack: +35%

Item Drop: +35%

Money Drop: +35%

Lower critical chance with any Amethyst item equipped.

Ancient Vigilant's Daggers

Ancient Vigilant's Daggers +7

 56  59.5

 Back Stab Damage: +17.5%

Arcane: +17.5

Dark Anthem III: ↑ ↓ + Attack button

Arthropod Daggers

Arthropod Daggers +7

47.3 50.8

Attack: -17.5%

Stamina cost: -26.3

Assassin's Daggers

Assassin's Daggers +7

 42 49

Stamina cost: -26.3

Dual Blade Mastery causes additional damage

Blue Magpie Daggers

Blue Magpie Daggers +7

63 59.5

Back Stab Damage: +35%

Stamina Recovery: +17.5%

Heavy Ground attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies.

Spin Slash: ↑ + Heavy attack button

Bone Saw

Bone Saw +7

 50.8  68.3  Stamina cost: -8.8

Broken Spear

Broken Spear +7

29.8 45.5

Back Stab Damage: +22.8%

Stamina Cost: -105

Broken Wine Bottle

Broken Wine Bottle +7

 43.8 49  Stamina Recovery: +35% 


Cinquedea +7

38.5  50.8 Money Drop: +131.3% 

Curved Daggers

Curved Daggers +7

33.3   49 Cross Slash: ← → + Attack button

Golden Daggers

Golden Daggers +7

 63 63 

Back Stab Damage +17.5%

Stamina cost: -17.5

Money Drop: +350% 


IV Bottle +7

49 52.5

Potion Recovery: +21%

Bleeding Resistance: +14%

Obsidian Daggers

Obsidian Daggers +7

52.5  54.3 

Attack: +17,5%

Void Break: ↓ ↑ + Attack Button 

Phantom Daggers

Phantom Daggers +7

 57.8 61.3 

Each attack has a small chance to send

a phantom dagger flying in front of Leila

Pirate Daggers

Pirate Daggers +7

45.5 50.8 

Stamina cost: -17.5

Dodge Attack: Press roll button 

Prom Daggers

Prom Daggers +7

36.8   49 Throwing: +28 

Ritual Daggers

Ritual Daggers +7

35  56  Arcane: +8.8 

Siderite Daggers

Siderite Daggers +7

45.5   52.5

Attack: +8.8% 

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Spiked Reapers

Spiked Reapers +7

94.5 70 

Attack: -8.8%

Stamina cost: +52.5%

Dash Strike: ↓ → + Attack button


Steel Fence

Steel Fence +7

59.5 70

Attack: -8.8%

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Stamina cost: +17.5 


Wakizashi +7

 38.5  52.5

Attack: +8.8%

Back Stab Damage: +17.5%

Stamina cost: 8.8

Defense: -3.5 

White Raven Daggers 

White Raven Daggers +7

70  64.8

Stamina cost: -26.3

Stamina Recovery: -105% 

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    • Full Dual Blade list:

      Ancient Vigilant's Daggers
      Arthropod Limbs
      Assassin's Daggers
      Bone Saw
      Broken Bottles
      Curved Daggers
      Golden Daggers
      Obsidian Daggers
      Phantom Daggers
      Pirate Daggers
      Prom Daggers
      Ritual Daggers
      Siderite Daggers
      Spiked Reapers
      Steel Fence
      White Raven Daggers

      • Anonymous

        Unlike other weapon types, almost all dagger attacks can be cancelled mid-strike into a dodge. The heavy attack combo can't be cancelled until you get the air dash.

        • Anonymous

          Siderite Daggers location: Wasted House (connecting from Row top to middle row), in a chest behind a breakable door.

          • Anonymous

            This page is missing the Phantom Daggers. Hilda will give them to you at the Greatwood if you progress her quest to its end.

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