New Player Help for Vigil: The Longest Night covers various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The purpose of this page is to help both new and veteran players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

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  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of Vigil: The Longest Night.
  • Equipment & Magic: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world, as well as craftable gear.


Vigil: The Longest Night New Player Help

Check Every Corner

Vigil: The Longest Night is a 2D Metroidvania game, so expect that in certain areas, especially the large ones like the Depressing Forest, you'll find secret paths and hidden loot. Once you have the Sliding, Double Jump, and Air Dash abilities, you may want to revisit areas to check for platforms that you couldn't reach or tight spaces that require you to slide into in order to find a secret section.

Speak to Each NPC

In order for you to better understand the Lore of the game, you have to speak to every single NPCs that you encounter in the game. They give you gossip about the events that are happening around Maye as well as information regarding other characters. Apart from that, you can also obtain Quests from them. If you speak to an NPC make sure you exhaust their lines, you may discover information that can help you in progressing the story or clues that can help complete a quest.

Forging and Enchanting

When you reach Maye Town, you'll find a man named Zachary at the smithy who is a blacksmith. You can speak to him if you want to Forge or Enchant a weapon. Forging and Enchanting only works for Weapons and Armor pieces such as the Maks, Helms, Clothes, Gloves, and Boots. Forging requires Gold and Shimmer Stones to increase the weapon's level. The maximum level for a weapon to be forged is up to +7. Weapons can also be enchanted by forging gems to obtain unique buffs or effects. All equipment can be enchanted, except for rings. Take note that a weapon can only be enchanted once and the older gem's effect will be replaced if you re-enchant.

Kill all Enemies

When it comes to character progression, Leila only levels up and gains a Skill Point if she obtains EXP by killing enemies. Enemies always respawn if you use an Owl Statue or if you re-enter a section. So if you come across enemies, defeat them so that you can acquire enough EXP to level up! Use it as well as an opportunity to practice your combat skills.

The Skill Master

Made a mistake unlocking a skill? Or do you want to reacquire all your Skill Points and reallocate them? No problem, you can do that in the game! First, you need to complete the prologue section and reach the alternate dimension of Maye Town. When you start exploring the outskirts of Maye, you'll come across a section called the Depressing Forest which you can travel to via the Cemetery. You want to make sure that you have the dash ability unlocked as well, so make sure you've defeated Kelpie, Lord of Tide in the Flooded Area. Now from the forest, head all the way to the west and you'll come across a ledge. Jump and then air dash to reach the Cat Isle. Walk up to the tree and interact with it, the Skill Master will appear and he'll offer his services. In order to reacquire your SP, you have to give him a Fledging's Blood Soul.

The Mechanical Bow

One of the most overpowered weapons you can obtain is the Mechanical Bow. It has a special art called the Triple Shot where you shoot multiple arrows by pressing the attack button twice. When you obtain this weapon from the Shadow Disaster realm, maximize this to +7 by speaking to Zachary at the Smith in Maye Town. Here's how you can obtain the Mechanical Bow:

  • Obtain the Cerulean Ocarina from Hugh the painter in Maye Town after finding all 7 paintings.
  • Head to the Catacombs and use the Cerulean Ocarina at the ceremonial stone to enter another realm called the Shadow Disaster.
  • Explore the area and head east. Before reaching the boss of this area, you'll come across a section where you'll see multiple cogwheels that are circulating around a chest that's on the center. You'll find the Mechanical Bow inside that chest.

Arcane Items and Mana

Each Arcane Item you find releases various magical attacks, from conjuring a shadow hand that immobilizes and damages enemies, slowing time, summoning spirits and bats, and more. Not only does it damage enemies but some of it can help you in exploration and unlock certain paths. Pillars that have a flaming hand on it can only be unlocked if you have the Hand of Flames arcane item and objects that have the wind sign on it can only be pushed by activating Breath of the Goddess. When you're in battle, you can keep spamming arcane items especially those that have a 1-second cooldown, just watch out for the mana bar which is the green line that's underneath the icon of the arcane item at the lower right-hand side of the screen. If you're worried about your Mana, don't worry, it refills over time.

Learn to Adapt

Sometimes, you may get overwhelmed when you are fighting a strong enemy or boss, and you just forget the mechanics of the game. Always remember that you can always open the side menu and change your equipment and inventory at any time! This feature is great to easily adapt and change your tactics against challenging foes. Also, Leila can equip up to three different weapons and she can switch it up during battle, so make it a habit to have at least one long-range weapon equipped such as the Bow or Slingshot, then have a light weapon like a Sword or dual Daggers equipped and one heavy weapon which are Halberds.

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