Endings in Vigil: The Longest Night features different conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough. These endings unlock different outcomes of the game's story.

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Endings in Vigil: The Longest Night

All three endings can be obtained in a single playthrough if you collect the items required for the secret ending during your run. It does not matter what you choose to do with Cubic Crystals. The choice between "A Vigilant" and "Nightmare" endings depends only on which portal you choose to use after you defeat the final boss. And to get the "Sisters" ending you must break the four seals on the arena before summoning it.

You get an achievement called "By the Will of Dephil" for obtaining the "Sisters" ending. Other endings do not grant achievements.


A Vigilant

 the vigilant ending vltn wiki guide



  1. Obtain three Cubic Crystals.
  2. What you choose do with the collected Cubic Crystals does not matter.
  3. Do not break four seals in the Dilapidated Nigthmare.
  4. Kill the Light Devourer.
  5. Exit through the portal on the right.

Leila tries to search for Daisy within the entity's body, but is unable to find her. She takes the long path back to Maye Town. As she walks its darkened streets, the fruits of her quest finally blossom; for the first time in centuries, daylight breaks through as the townsfolk open their doors and look in confusion and awe. The townsfolk crowd around the statue of the goddess and praise the sun. The Long Night falls apart as the mystically-enforced sky burns away to reveal a bright blue sky and a shining golden sun. But as the scene fades to black, tendrils emerge from the sun...




nightmare ending vltn wiki guide 


  1. Obtain three Cubic Crystals.
  2. What you choose to do with the collected Cubic Crystals does not matter.
  3. Do not break four seals in the Dilapidated Nigthmare.
  4. Kill the Light Devourer.
  5. Exit through the portal on the left.

Leila fulfills her duty as a Vigilant, only to discover that she has been deceived and her actions have brought ruin. Daisy, the Shimmer Goddess, was the one responsible for the Long Night, which she evoked eons ago to protect humanity from the Old Gods. With the death of the Light Devourer the stars are finally returning. And the things between them are hungry.




 true ending vtln wiki guide



"Sisters" ending is the secret ending of the game and requires the player to collect four of Daisy's heirlooms throughout the game: Daisy's Headwear, Daisy's Brooch, Daisy's Bracelet, and Daisy's Diary.

  1. Prologue
  2. Act 2
  3. Act 3

Thanks to Leila's efforts Daisy manages to retain her humanity and consciousness within the Light Devourer. After defeating the beast Leila manages to recover the body of her unconscious sister, and takes the slow path back to Maye Town. Bodies litter the streets as workers cover them in shawls and cremate them at the square. Leila and Daisy rest at the foot of the statue of the Shimmer Goddess. The horrific ritual was interrupted, and the catastrophe has been thwarted. The night continues to sing, softly, slowly.



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    • Anonymous

      Didn't pay attention to the lore much until that world eating tentacle appeared in the ending, lmao. Kinda wish the lore was explored more now.

      From these endings, it seemed like their world was being defended from that sun tentacle (Ending A) and breaking the endless night (Ending B) was pretty much exposing their world to it. While keeping the sister alive (Ending C) kept the night going, maintaining the status quo.

      • Anonymous

        you don't need to give isabella the drink before the blood moon, you can still give her the drink after and get the item

        • Anonymous

          If you open the door in the three with the cubes too early, the doctor will disappear, and you fail a ton of quests

          • Anonymous

            If you're going for TRUE ENDING, you MUST defeat the boss while he's down showing Daisy's face.

            If you defeat him while he's standing you will not get the good ending or the achievement.

            • Anonymous

              You can "view" all endings even if you go for TRUE ENDING.
              I managed to not get the cinematic after destroying all pillars and I could pick which way I want to go (left - views the 1st ending, right - shows 2nd ending). I think I messed with autosave feature a bit and managed to get the cinematic sisters's one (3rd ending) but i didnt touch any key in order nhttps://vigilthelongestnight.wiki.fextralife.com/images/avatar.pngot to break it.

              My tip is - save the game before going for boss and mess with autoload feature after you kill him (save the progress after completing the game on some free save slot as placeholder)

              Hope that helps - I didnt investigate much but I could access portals on left and right anyway ;) gl

              • So... i was going for the "Sisters" end... i've done all the things that are listed above but i still have to choose the left portals for ending the game. Probably you have to complete the "errands" quest giving the medicine to Hilda or Sister Maggie to save most of the people in Maye... during my playthrough i've give the medicine to all the citizens but Clay so i've to sell the last one to the man at the Maye Tavern... oh... and i can't do the "By the will of Dephil" trophy because i don't know how to wake Daisy's soul during the boss fight... anyone knows?

                • Anonymous

                  This guide and what’s happening in the game are completely different for me. Plague doctor after he gave his sermon is nowhere to be found now. Did frozen realm. Janis gave me some stuff but no metallic ocarina. I’ve done the mine quest but dude at the tavern has not giving me an axe and Vincent isn’t home. Other guy says he came back and he’s around here somewhere but he’s nowhere to be found. Just lots of crap going janky with the quests.

                  • Anonymous

                    about sisters end, i guess it bugged since when i cleared the boss was awake but i could only progress to the left and ending not come. maybe its because i couldnt do errands quest

                    • Anonymous

                      i dont seem to be able to get daisys special drink after doing the errands quest, so i cant get the good ending :(

                      • Anonymous

                        I did all there was to fullfill "A Vigilant" ending - still got the "Nightmare" one. There's definitely something missing on your list.

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