Swords in Vigil: The Longest Night is a weapon type. The Sword is one of the four types of weapon that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the sword is capable of inflicting high damage and also executing light and heavy attacks. Swords can be obtained by purchasing it from certain Merchants, dropped by some enemies or bosses, looted from chests, and can be acquired as a reward for completing a quest. This page covers a full list of all the Swords shown in the game.

Combat Mechanic

In Vigil: The Longest Night, each weapon has its own unique set of moves that changes Leila's stance and fighting style when she switches weapons. When a sword is equipped, Leila can execute light to heavy attacks, she can also perform a front roll or a backstep to evade enemy attacks, as well as placing the sword in front of her to block any incoming attacks. A successful dodge will not inflict any damage while blocking reduces the damage taken - both dodging and blocking consumes a small amount of stamina whenever it is used.

Mastering the Sword

Vigil: The Longest Night introduces a character progression system in the game and for the Sword, it has its own skill tree. Whenever Leila levels up, she gains (1) Skill Point that can be used to unlock skills - unlocking skills for the sword in the Sword Skill Tree will further increase Leila's mastery of using the Sword which allows her to execute more combat moves whenever she uses the sword in battle as well as adding buffs such as increasing the damage of the sword.




Vigil: The Longest Night Swords

Name & Icon


Attack (%)

Block Absorption

Poise Damage


Ancient Vigilant's Sword

Ancient Vigilant's Sword +7

80.5 70 129.5 185.5

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Arcane: +17.5

Dark Anthem: ↑ ↓ + Attack button

Apprentice's Frying Pan

Apprentice's Frying Pan +7

105 35 140 192.5

Stamina cost: -35

Fire resistance: +17.5%

Blood-Stained Shovel

Blood-Stained Shovel +7

80.5 42 80.5 203 Stamina cost: +35

Bonesnap Sword

Bonesnap Sword +7

 113.8  - 52.5   175

Stamina Recovery: +63%

Health: -61.3

Defense: -12.3

Ceremonial Sword

Ceremonial Sword +7

71.8 61.3 71.8 141.8 Arcane: +26.3

Dead Branch

Dead Branch +7

 17.5 175   8.8 17.5   -

Excellent Saw Blade

Excellent Saw Blade +7

84 61.3 96.3 169.8

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Stamina cost: +17.5

Fallen Amaterasu

Fallen Amaterasu +7

89.3 87.5 134.8 145.3

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Battojutsu - ↓ → + Attack button (stand)

Fire Poker

Fire Poker +7

77 35 91 185.5 Fire Resistance: +8.8%

Glorious Guard's Blade

Glorious Guard's Blade+7

89.3 78.8 87.5 141.8

Stamina Cost: -17.5

Defense: -3.5

Double Wave: ↓  → + Attack button

 +15 Attack if Rose Ring is equipped

Golden Sword

Golden Sword +7

98 70 140 152.3

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Stamina cost -17.5

Money Drop: +350%

Multi Spur:  ←  → + Attack button

Head of Uptancos

Head of Uptancos +7

108.5 43.8 119 185.5

Stamina Recovery: +52.5%

Flash Slash: ← → + Attack button

Paralysis enchantment causes extra damage

Lagh Blade

Lagh Blade +7

52.5 52.5 70 113.8 Permanent damage increase with kills.

Mantis Arm

Mantis Arm +7

75.3 43.8 82.3 115.5

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Fire Resistance: -8.8%

Flash Burst -  ↓ ↑ + Attack button

Nameless Blade

Nameless Blade +7

70 78.8 78.8 148.8

Stamina cost: -52.5

Defense: -3.5

Spur: -  ←  → + Attack button

Parasitic Rapier

Parasitic Rapier +7

 84  -  143.5  87.5  Defense: +3.5


Pitchfork +7

73.5 35 63 119 Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Sacrificial Sword

Sacrificial Sword +7

110.3 66.5 91 183.8 Stamina cost: +52.5

Saw Blade

Saw Blade +7

70 52.5 80.5 162.8

Back Stab Damage: +8.8%

Stamina cost: +17.5

Spike Bat

Spike Bat +7

 131.3  10.5 21 

 Health: -31.5

Potion Recovery: -8.8%

Staff of the Holy Six

Staff of the Holy Six +7

82.3 35 98 155.8

Arcane: +17.5

Cooldown Reduction: +26.3%

Sacred Beam -  ↑ + Attack button

Sword of Percival

Sword of Percival +7

75.3 70 77 129.5 -

Sword of Wallace

Sword of Wallace +7

68.3 70 94.5 131.3

Stamina cost: -52.5

Defense: -3.5

Blade Flurry: Press attack button repeatedly

Sword of the Other God

Sword of the Other God +7

85.8 70 133 175

Stamina cost: -35

Stamina Recovery: -105%

Step Slash: ↓ → + Attack button

 Vigilant Sword

Vigilant Sword +7

50.8 70 70 124.3 -


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    • Full sword list:

      Ancient Vigilant's Sword
      Apprentice's Frying Pan
      Blood-stained Shovel
      Ceremonial Sword
      Excellent Saw Blade
      Fallen Amaterasu
      Fire Poker
      Glorious Guard's Blade
      Golden Sword
      Lagh Blade
      Mantis Arm
      Nameless Blade
      Sacrificial Sword
      Saw Blade
      Staff of the Holy Six
      Sword of Percival
      Sword of Wallace
      Uptanco's Head
      Vigilant's Sword

      • Anonymous

        Sword of Percival can be found in Mountain Pass near very first boss in prologue. One need to have double jump to reach it.

        • Anonymous

          Does Lagh Blade "drop" from her, or does it have to be stolen with Hand of Glory?

          Hand of Glory constantly seems to "miss" - when I have the Miniboss stunned or locked with Hand of Shadow, the animation connects, and nothing happens. Even times when I do get an "item", it doesn't appear in my inventory. I've stolen boots and gloves, and never received them in inventory.

          • Anonymous

            Lagh Blade: This blade glows with weird light. It seems to be sharper when it drenched in blood.
            Attack 10
            Poise Damage 65
            Block 40

            There is a poison miniboss that looks like a Vigilant above and to the left of the Hunter's House lamp, the area is reached by air-dashing to the left from the branches above the hut. The miniboss is quite fast and its poison is quite strong if you stand in the clouds it creates. Said miniboss has the "Black" armor set and the Lagh Blade all of which can be stolen off him with the Hand of Glory spell.

            • Anonymous

              Used Hand of Glory to steal the Lagh Blade off the Black Vigilant Miniboss in the secret area at the Hunter's House Owl statue. You need air dash to access the area

              • Anonymous

                Did someone find the Lagh Blade yet? No clue where it is. Thought it would be somewhere in the Flooded Area as it looks like a sword made of bone with corals growing on it but I didn't manage to find it.

                • Anonymous

                  I found the Sword of Wallace. It's inside the Sealed Greatwood dungeon; I think it's near the first owl statue, but I could be wrong. Either way, you slide to the right near a wall that looks like it has an opening, and it's in a chest in the center of the room. Its special skill is basically a sword version of the Dagger skill Meteor Strike, with the added perk that you can move slowly forward or backwards while attacking. I haven't upgraded it, but I'd expect that this would offset its low damage, since if you just use it for that skill its base damage is higher than any dagger starts at.

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