Vigil: The Longest Night Lore covers the story, setting, and world that the game is in. This page features the backstory and the different elements that add depth and richness to the game.


Vigil: The Longest Night Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Peak of delving into this game's lore is realizing the catboy is almost 100% a god but he's just chilling and irrelevant to literally everything else story related.

      • I don't think this game would be QUITE as confusing if it didn't feel like the Prologue and Act 2 were two completely different stories. Maybe I'm wrong, and I've speculated that perhaps the Prologue has something to do with a test Leila is taking as a Vigilant.

        I've managed to work out that the bulk of the Prologue is about experiments the Professor is performing with some kind of Crimson solution that causes mutations under the impression that it will cause "ascension" I guess. Leila also claims that Daisy wrote her a letter, asking her to come home, but a note from the professor in the Catacombs proves this false and that he was behind the letter to get Leila to come home, somehow related to the experiments as he needs sisters, not a couple like he thought with Bruna and Gram.

        My problem here is that once Leila passes through the Porta Avernus, slays the Ancient Guardian, and then wakes up on the outskirts of Maye in Act 2, it's like everything from the Prologue is effectively rendered moot and forgotten, like it had never happened. Or is the Plague Doctor the Professor in disguise and using the plague affecting all of Maye as a continuation of his experiments?

        I love this game dearly, but dang, does this story leave MUCH to be desired, lol. Or maybe that was the point, for it to be heavily speculated on by us silly gamers and we make our own interpretation, I dunno :P

        • Anonymous

          Anyone figured out the story yet?

          I'm so lost.
          What causes the Eternal Night? The Shimmer Goddess or the Light Devourer?
          I don't understand who Dephil is, and why she looks like Leila and why both of their sisters are named Daisy.
          Silvia mentions that long ago a Researcher and a Vigilant tried to awaken something terrible in the Outer Realms.
          Janis mentions something about twins sacrificing each other, and it has always been that way.

          The story is confusing as hell.

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