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Character Type NPC
Location Valley

Janis is an NPC in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.

Janis Information

Janis is a well-dressed woman who can be found in the Valley. She asks Leila to bring her a piece of jewelry called Eternal Daylight which was inherited by Janis and her sister Silvia from their father. Giving Janis the Eternal Daylight starts a sidequest called The Twins. In exchange for the Eternal Daylight and other requested items Janis gifts Leila several arcane items and a Metallic Ocarina.

Janis's real identity is Lauraby, an Old One. She and her younger sister Silvia are the oldest known incarnations of blonde twins. There appears to be some kind of rivalry between Janis and Silvia, but while Silvia talks about Janis a lot, Janis herself barely mentions Silvia at all.


Janis Location


Janis Associated Quests


Janis Dialogue


  • Janis:
    • "The oldest incarnations are the most powerful. Like sunrise and sunset, we can't see one another, but we need each other. Is there anything that can sever this bond?"
  • Leila:
    • "What are you talking about? No one alive has seen a sunrise."
  • Janis:
    • "Blonde girl, can you do me a favor? My sister and I inherited a piece of jewelry from our father, and it's very important to us, but we... well, it's easiest to say we can't leave this place."
  • Leila:
    • "What kind of jewelry?"
  • Janis:
    • "Its name is the Eternal Daylight. It was a brooch, with a greenish-gold pedestal set with a clear and spotless stone. It is said that the Goddess of your world wears similar things. Perhaps you have seen a copy at some ceremony."
    • "If you find it, please bring it to me. I can pay you more thank you think."


  • Janis:
    • "It's good to see you. I'll be free and in my father's armos soon... when you bring me what I need."

Select "No"

  • Janis:
    • "Regardless, I will wait for you here."

Give the Eternal Daylight

  • Janis:
    • "Good. Lauraby can't be Lauraby without the Eternal Daylight."
  • Leila:
    • "What are you talking about?"
  • Janis: 
    • "I can provide you my wrath as a gift for returning the daylight to me."
    • "If you bring the Eternal Gaze to me, next time I shall give you the most spectacular rapture the world has ever seen."

Give the Eternal Gaze

  • Leila:
    • "Take it."
  • Janis:
    • "Isn't it fascinating that with only the smallest change, the darkest shadow can become a raging storm?"
    • "If you can find me the Eternal Time Crystal, I will share my hate with you."

Give the Eternal Time Crystal

  • Janis:
    • "What is the point of a frozen country? No one can enter, no one can leave. Simply pointless."
    • "Listen to my final words, will you?"
    • "The blonde twins are destined for death. The elder will sacrifice the younger, just like Dephil, just like me, just like the moon hanging high in the void. But not you. Her sacrifice has already been made."
  • Leila:
    • "What's your point?"
  • Janis:
    • "Nothing, I just hate being stuck in fate like you humans. At least her sacrifice unbound you from destiny's web. Take this, and find the truth yourself."


Janis Notes & Tips

  • Picking either sister does not appear to have any effect on the game aside from the set of Arcane Items received as a reward.
  • The description of Frost Breath suggests that Silvia and Janis' rivalry was the catalyst behind the Northern Kingdom's transformation into The Frozen Realm.
  • Janis' goal isn't explicitly stated, but based on her and Silvia's dialogue it looks like the twins have been trapped in this reality until Leila opened the Gate in the Catacombs, and now Janis wants to escape to the Outer Realms.


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