Leila is the last member of The Vigil who is on a mission to save her hometown from the creeping evil infesting the surrounding countryside.

Leila is a Playable Character in Vigil: The Longest Night, she is also the main protagonist of the game. Leila is a warrior who is capable of wielding various weapons that allows her to quickly adapt to any situation she encounters. 


About Leila

Leila is the last member of The Vigil who has been training to become a Warrior of Light. In Vigil: The Longest Night, Leila ventures and battles through the longest night where she tries to find clues about the disappearance of her sister and the eldritch horrors that stalk her in a world that has forgotten daylight.


Leila Skills and Equipment

  • Leila is a well trained Vigilant and she can easily fight using four different weapons which are the Swords, Bows, Halberds, and the Daggers. Each weapon and her passive buffs has a Skill Tree that players can freely choose which to focus on and eventually master each one. Leila will need to gain EXP and every time she levels up, she acquires 1 Skill Point that is used to unlock skills. All skills in the game only require 1 SP and if you want to respec all your Skills and reacuire your Skill Points, you will need to talk to the Skill Master on Cat Isle and provide him with a Fledging's Blood Soul to reset your Skills.
  • Apart from equipping weapons, Leila can also use Arcane Items. Arcane Items are special artifacts that harnesses different magical properties. An example is the Hand of Flames, using this summons a large flaming hand that damages anything it touches and inflicts the burning effect that decays HP over time. To equip an Arcane Item, go to the menu > inventory > arcane items > and select the chosen item to the quick item slot. Just remember, that each arcane item has a cooldown and uses Mana.
  • Some weapons in the game have special moves, apart from special actions. Special Actions are the common moves Leila can execute with the press of the corresponding button. For example, when Leila equips a sword, she can block or parry, and if it is a bow, she can change different arrows. Special moves for a weapon requires the player to follow and press series of buttons to execute the weapon's move. For example, the Owl Claymore has the Leaping Spin move if you press Left, Right + Attack Button. Special moves consume Stamina when it is executed.
  • Leila can equip Armor and it is divided into five pieces: Masks, Helms, Clothes, Gloves, and Boots. Usually, a set armor composes of Clothes, Gloves and Boots, but some masks and helms are also a part of a certain set. Each piece has its own stats and equipping them to their respective set further boosts the defenses and adds other buffs and effects for Leila.
  • Armor and Weapons can be forged to a higher level to increase its stats and it can also be enchanted to add permanent effects. You can check our Forge Materials page to find out more about the mats that you can use to modify Leila's equipment. When you reach Maye Town, visit the Smithy and speak to Zachary to learn more about equipment modification.
  • In the game, there are certain platforms and areas in the game that require a certain ability for Leila to reach. You'll need to defeat certain Bosses in the game to learn these movement abilities.


Leila's Stats


Health determines how much damage Leila can take from enemy attacks and hazardous environments.


Stamina indicates the ability of how much energy can Leila exert when it comes to attacking and using evasion moves in battle. Exploiting the stamina makes Leila exhausted, causing her to become immobile as she catches her breath and regains her stamina.


Mana is required to execute magical Arcane Items. Whenever arcane is used, Mana is consumed but it also slowly regenerates over time.


The Attack Stat measures Leila's strength. The higher the value is, the better it is for Leila to execute strong attacks whenever she executes her normal and charged attacks.

Poise Damage

This stat affects the output of how fast Leila can stun or stagger her opponents from attacking enemies. The higher the value, the better the chances are in staggering enemies, allowing Leila to interrupt an enemy's attack and stunning them for a brief moment.

Stamina Cost

Stamina Cost determines how much stamina is spent whenever various actions are executed such as attacking, charging attacks, dodging, rolling, sliding, and jumping. The amount of stamina consumed becomes less if the value of this stat is low.

Block Absorption

This stat measures the amount of damage Leila can absorb from an enemy attack when she is blocking with the Sword.


Backstab determines the damage Leila can inflict when she is attacking enemies from behind. The higher the value is, the higher the chance of inflicting a strong attack.

Max HP% Damage

This stat affects how much damage Leila can inflict towards an enemy at max health.


Throwing is a stat that measures how far Leila can throw her Consumable Items, the higher the value of this stat, Leila can throw items such as knives and bombs at a greater distance.


Arcane is a stat that affects the damage and effects of the magic from Arcane Items. Equip certain gear that adds buffs to the Arcane stat to deal greater damage and increase its potency whenever Leila uses an Arcane Item.

Cooldown Reduction

This stat determines how fast the Arcane Items can be used after it is activated. Each arcane item has a cooldown and this stat lessens the time of its cooldown when Leila equips certain gear that has Cooldown reduction buffs.

Reduce Debuff Duration

Reduce Debuff Duration measures how fast Leila can recover from negative status effects that are inflicted by some enemies. The higher the value is, the better it is for Leila to easily wear of the effects.


Resistances and Other Stats

Fire Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against Fire-based attacks and her recovery from burning.

Ice Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against Ice-based attacks and her recovery from slow.

Lightning Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against Lightning-based attacks and her recovery from being electrocuted (movement interruption + damage).

Poison Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against Poison-based attacks and her recovery from being poisoned.

Bleeding Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against Punctured-based attacks and her recovery from bleeding and decay of HP over time.

Curse Resistance

Determines Leila's resistance against the curse status effect.

Potion Recovery

This stat measures how much Leila can recover health from using a Healing Potion.

Item Drop

Item Drop is a stat that affects the chances of items being dropped by enemies. The higher the value is, the higher the chance of items dropping from enemies.

Money Drop

Money Drop is a stat that affects the chances of gold being dropped by enemies. The higher the value is, the higher the chance of gold dropping from enemies.

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