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Leila is the last member of The Vigil who is on a mission to save her hometown from the creeping evil infesting the surrounding countryside.

Leila is a Playable Character in Vigil: The Longest Night, she is also the main protagonist of the game. Leila is a warrior who is capable of wielding various weapons that allows her to quickly adapt to any situation she encounters. 


About Leila

Leila is the last member of The Vigil who has been training to become a Warrior of Light. In Vigil: The Longest Night, Leila ventures and battles through the longest night where she tries to find clues about the disappearance of her sister and the eldritch horrors that stalk her in a world that has forgotten daylight.


Leila's Stats

  • All information regarding Leila's stats can be found on this page.
  • (New Game +) An option to spend Skill Points to increase Leila's stats becomes available once you beat the game once. Speak to Skill Master on Cat Isle to respec and redistribute available Skill Points.


Leila's Skills and Equipment

  • Leila is a well trained Vigilant and she can easily fight using four different weapons which are the Swords, Bows, Axes, and the Daggers. Each weapon and her passive buffs has a Skill Tree that players can freely choose which to focus on and eventually master each one. Leila will need to gain EXP and every time she levels up, she acquires 1 Skill Point that is used to unlock skills.
  • Some weapons in the game have special moves, apart from special actions. Special Actions are the common moves Leila can execute with the press of the corresponding button. For example, when Leila equips a sword, she can block or parry, and if it is a bow, she can change different arrows. Special moves for a weapon requires the player to follow and press series of buttons to execute the weapon's move. For example, the Owl Claymore has the Leaping Spin move if you press Left, Right + Attack Button. Special moves consume Stamina when it is executed.
  • Apart from equipping weapons, Leila can also use Arcane Items and Consumables. Arcane Items are unlimited use spells that have a cooldown and use Mana to cast. Consumables are limited use items with a variety of effects like healing Leila or setting her enemies on fire.
  • Leila can equip Armor and it is divided into five pieces: Masks, Helms, Clothes, Gloves, and Boots. Usually, a set of armor composes of Clothes, Gloves and Boots, but some masks and helms are also a part of a set. Some Armor sets provide additional bonuses when all pieces are equipped. Unique Armor are special armor pieces that are not part of any set.
  • Rings grant various boosts to Leila's stats. Up to four rings can be equipped, and multiple copies of the same ring (if exist) can be worn.
  • Armor and Weapons can be forged to a higher level to increase its stats and it can also be enchanted to add permanent effects. Check Forge Materials page to find out more about the materials that you can use to modify Leila's equipment.
  • Abilities. There are certain areas in the game that require a special ability for Leila to reach. You'll need to defeat certain Bosses in the game to learn these movement abilities.


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