Bow Skill Tree in Vigilant: The Longest Night is one of the weapon skill trees of the game, it features a list of skills that further upgrades Leila's capability of mastering the bow. In order to unlock a skill, players will need to obtain skill points by leveling up and to do this, Leila will need to continuously kill enemies and bosses or by completing quests. This page covers a list of all the Bow skills that are shown in the game.

Obtaining Skill Points

Acquiring Skill Points in Vigil: The Longest Night is quite straightforward, players will need to obtain EXP to Level Up which can be done by continuously killing enemies and bosses or by completing quests t. Whenever a player obtains a Skill Point, a flash of light will appear on the screen and will indicate that Leila has leveled up. You'll then acquire (1) skill point which can be used to unlock the skill they want to acquire.

Spending Skill Points

Once you've acquired a skill point, open the menu and head to the Skills interface to check the different skill trees. From there, you can apply your Skill Point to whichever Skill you want to unlock provided that you have enough Skill Points that are required as well as unlocking its prerequisite.

Can I respec my Skill Points?

Players can respec their Skill Points by speaking to the Skill Master and by offering a Fledging's Blood Soul. You can find him on Cat Isle located at the west side of the Depressing Forest.



Vigil: The Longest Night Bow Skill Tree

 Note: You can click the skill icons to see more info.



Name & Icons



Multi Arrow
2 Increases the number of arrows fired in normal attacks on the ground.
Performs the second attack, firing 2/3 arrows at the same time.
Air Volley
-- Shoot 2 arrows at the same time after first attack in the air. (Press Attack button in the air)
Air Power Shot
--  Back flip and shoot four arrows from low to high. During this attack your evasion increases (Press Heavy Attack button in the air).
3 Focus and hold your breath to shorten the charge time of charged attacks. (Hold Attack button on the ground)
Shorten charge attack time by 0.3/0.6/0.9 s.
Archery Specialization
3 Reduce the decreasing damage when arrows hit the same target in 0.1 seconds.
Reduce 40/30/20% damage when hitting the same enemy.
-- If an attack is launched within a certain period after the last attack, the previous combo number is maintained.
Chaos Shot
--  Spin jump and swiftly shoot 4 arrows forward. (Press Heavy attack button on the ground)
Archer's Step
3 Take a step to keep pace with an enemy when aiming the bow, and shorten the power shot's preparation time by 1 second.
Archer's step consumes 10/20/30% less stamina.
Power Shot
2 Can fire a Power shot after Archer's Step or crouch. Each step move can notch an additional arrow. (Hold Attack button after Archer's Step)
Deals 2/2.5x damage.
Tracking Arrow
--  The arrow will automatically curve slightly to track enemy.
Combo Shot
-- Fire 4 arrows immediately after Archer's Step. Extremely effective against small enemies. (Press attack button repeatedly during Archer's Step)
Shotgun Arrow
-- Shoot 3 arrows into the air in a wide range. Very effective against enemies in the air. (Press Up and attack button.)


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