Owl Statues in Vigil: The Longest Night are checkpoints that allow the player to save their progress.

Owl Statue

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The following are the functions you can perfom at Owl Statues:

  • Save: save the game's progress.
  • Load: load a savefile.
  • Teleport: teleport to any previously unlocked Owl Statue.
  • Storage: use to deposit or retrieve items placed in storage.
  • Close: closes the menu.



  • The game auto saves whenever the player uses an Owl Statue.
  • Touching an Owl Statue replenishes Leila's health and revives all defeated enemies in the area.
  • Owl's Feather teleports the player to the last activated Owl Statue. Unlimited use.
  • Fledgling's Blood Soul can be used to temporarily save the game at Leila's current position. Uses the auto save slot.






Available Owl Statue Destinations


The player can teleport between the following Owl Statues:
Owl Statues listed under "Prologue" become unavailable for the rest of the game after the player defeats The Ancient Guard.




Act 2


A1 Mountain Pass
A2 Idonea's Shop
A3 Smith
A4 Home
A5 Outskirts of Maye
A6 Mill
A7 Wasted Town
A8 Valley
A9 Secret Trail


B1 Abandoned House
B2 Wasted Warehouse
B3 Sunken Mary Rose
B4 Giant Shipwreck
B5 Sewer on Estuary
B6 Sewer on Estuary
B7 Insidious Sewer


C1 Lower Mine Entrance
C2 Miner's Path
C3 Mine Site
C4 Mine
C5 Mine
C6 Limestone Way


D1 Depressing Forest
D2 Cat Isle
D3 Peak of Weep
D4 Peak of Weep
D5 Peak of Weep
D6 Bufonitte Lake
D7 Mountain Cave
D8 Mountain Cave
D9 Top of the Giantwood
D10 Inside of the Giantwood


E1 Cemetery
E2 Catacombs
E3 Catacombs
E4 Catacombs
E5 Maye Sewer (E5)
E6 Heart of Groundwater
E7 Underground Cave


G1 Amethyst Catacombs


Act 3


F1 Upper Underground Hall
F2 Middle Underground Hall
F3 Lower Underground Hall
F4 Lower Underground Hall







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