Combat for Vigil: The Longest Night contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.


Combat in Vigil: The Longest Night




Controls and Combat

Backstep and Roll


Press the SHIFT key on PC, R2 on the PS4 Controller, and RT on the Xbox Controller to evade an enemy's attack. To roll Press the same buttons indicated along with the left and right movement keys on the PC or the Left Stick of the controller.

Jumping Down

Always look down to check your surroundings. To jump down, press the X button and toggle the left stick down together on the PS4 Controller, or the A button and toggle the left stick down on the Xbox controller. And if you're on PC. press the down button and the SPACE BAR.

Jump and Climb

Press and hold the jump button/key to jump higher. And to climb onto platforms, hold the jump button/key along with the left stick or directional keys on the PC.

Climbing Ladders


Press the Up/Down keys on the PC or toggle the left stick up or down of the controller near a ladder to ascend or descend. Press the jump button/key while pressing the up key on pc or toggle the left stick up of the controller to climb on a ladder while jumping in the air.

Maneuvering Stairs


To go down a set of stairs, move diagonally towards them. Alternatively, jump down through the platform by pressing down and jump.

Double Jump


You can learn this move after defeating the Brood Mother.  Press the jump key/button again while in the air to jump twice. This allows Leila to access areas she can't reach.



You can learn this move after defeating The Ancient Guard in Death's Destination. Simply press the roll button again when rolling, this will allow Leila to slide further and to pass through narrow spaces.

Dash & Aerial Dash


You can learn this move after defeating Kelpie, Lord of Tide in the Flooded Area. Press the Left stick twice either left or right on the PS4 and Xbox Controller, and the left/right keys on PC to dash forward. You can also jump while dashing to jump further. Air Dash can be obtained after defeating Upotancos, Pulse Surrounder.

Stamina Control


You'll find the Stamina Bar on the upper left side of the screen below the Health Bar. When the Stamina Bar turns yellow, Leila becomes exhausted. During this period, your attack damage is halved and the consumption of the stamina is doubled. Once the yellow bar is drained, Leila will stop moving for a short time and she'll need to catch her breath to regain her stamina. Increase the Cardio and Adrenaline skills to offset the negative effects.

Special Actions

Press the I button on the PC or L2/LT on the PS4 or Xbox controller to activate each weapon's Special Action.

  • Swords: Block and Absorb damage. The absorption rate is determined by the "Block Absorption" stat. level up Sword Skills to unlock parry and execution moves.
  • Halberds & Hammers: Hold to charge and execute a devastating attack. Deals tremendous damage to enemies.
  • Daggers: Launce a critical attack that breaks enemy defenses. Requires the Comet Strike skill.
  • Bows: Switch between Normal Arrows, Silver Arrows, Fire, Arrows, Poison Arrows, and Iron Arrows.

Exploration and Progression

Save and Teleport


You can Save, Load, and Teleport at Owl Statues. You auto-save when you interact with it and it also replenishes Leila's health and reactivates the Rejuvenation skill. You will lose progress if you die! You can use an Owl's Feather to teleport yourself to the last Owl Statue you visited or consume a Fledging's Blood Soul to create an auto-save without using an Owl Statue.



If you see hanging cages, you can knock them down by attacking it with your weapon. This will cause the cage to drop down onto the ground which creates higher ground that you can use to reach areas you can't reach with just jumping.

Improving Skills


Leila gets on Skill Point when she levels up. Open the Skill section in the side menu to improve your skills. There are (5) Five Skill Trees, one for each weapon type, and one for Leila. Skills with four inward arrows can unlock special movements that improve Leila's mobility, while the rest can also be upgraded to increase the skill's effects.

Quick Items


For Leila's Inventory, she can equip Consumables and Arcane Items to her quick items slots to be easily used in combat and exploration. Open the side menu and select the Inventory to equip items. You can equip up to eight items in easily accessible Quick Slots.

  • Press the Switch Quick Items key/button to switch quick items.
  • Hold the Switch Quick Items key/button to display the quick item wheel.

Aracne Items/Magic


Arcane Items allow Leila to cast magic. Open the Inventory menu and switch to the arcane category to equip arcane items. Casting Arcane Items consume Mana when used, this is shown to the right of the item icon which is the green bar. Each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status. You can unlock and upgrade the Arcane Understanding and Sage passive skills to increase the potency of Leila's Arcane.



Open the side menu and select the equipment menu to change equipment. If you have equipped multiple weapons, you can press the Weapon Switch buttons/key to cycle through your weapons. If you are using a Bow, the types of arrows are shown to the right of the bow's icon when it is equipped.

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    • Anonymous

      Combat was pretty fun, but also a little overgenerous at times. The sword felt like easy mode often, because the window for a successful parry was ridiculously high. Over a second long at the very least. At times, I got jumpy and did it too early, but still landed it because of how long it was active. Performing an execution after a parry also did massive damage. Since, it worked on almost every non-boss in the game, I considered it my "Don't feel like dealing with this right now" move.

      The backstep was a lot more fun. Thanks to I-frames, it allowed me to quick dodge right through an enemy attack while staying within striking range. Fighting with back steps instead of parries felt a lot more like a heart-pounding sword fight as a result. Besides, what's more badass than dodging an enemy blow without moving from your spot?

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