Sister Holly

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Character Type NPC
Location Shimmer Church

Sister Holly is an NPC in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Young lady, do you believe in the Goddess? You need to know Her will to understand Her divinity."


Sister Holly Information

Sister Holly is the nun in charge of testing girls who wish to take the Test of Novation and serve the Bishop. Speak to her after obtaining The Fractured Holy Six Necklace from Rove (quest: Serve the Church), and Sister Holly will ask Leila several questions to test her faith. The answers can be found on stone inscriptions in the Church and in the Library. After the player passes the test Sister Holly will congratulate Leila, give her a Nun's Habit, and send her to speak with Sister Iris who guards the passage to the Bishop's room.

Sister Holly's fate in Act 3 depends on whether the player gave any Potion Boxes to Sister Maggie during a side quest called Placebo. If less than two were given then Sister Holly gets killed by an unknown assailant, her mutilated body lying where she used to stand. If more were given then Sister Holly will transform into a Mutated Louse Man.


Sister Holly Location


Sister Holly Associated Quest


Sister Holly Notes & Tips

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