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Character Type NPC
Location Maye Town,
Gate Outpost

Atlas is an NPC in Vigil the Longest NightNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


This Gate Outpost has a long history, and we are proud to serve here. But the working environment is terrible."


Atlas Information

Atlas is the active Captain of Maye Guard. The growing number of monsters outside the town, especially Skulls in the Cemetery made it unsafe for people to visit the Shimmer Church, so Atlas started hiring volunteers for the Graveyard Patrol. He wonders how undead can be so close to the Church, and questions whether the Goddess really exists if she cannot even protect people who worship her.

To join Graveyard Patrol read the notice on the doors of the Church and speak to Atlas. He will offer Leila a reward for ten bones, thus starting a sidequest called Eliminate the Skeletons. After the player brings Atlas ten bones they will be rewarded with Gold x 500 and Triangular Shimmer Stone x1, as well as gain access to the Shimmer Church. The quest gets marked as complete after the player hands over ten bones, however, Atlas will continue giving out Gold and Triangular Shimmer Stones for every set of ten for the rest of Act 2.


In Act 3 a Mutated Louse Man will appear on Atlas' place.


Atlas Location


Atlas Associated Quest


Atlas Notes & Tips

  • The Mutated Louse Man that appears instead of Atlas might as well be Pesel. Atlas never shows any signs of sickness, while Pesel gets worse as time passes and eventually disappears.



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