Mysterious Trader

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Character Type Merchant
Location Peak of Weep

Mysterious Trader is a Merchant in Vigil: the Longest NightMerchants are a category of NPCs that a player may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to trade various items and equipment such as ArmorWeaponsConsumables, and many more with these Merchants. 


Oh, you found it. It is worthy, you are worthy."


Mysterious Trader Information

Mysterious Trader is a well-dressed woman who can be found relaxing on top of a massive collapsed tree at Peak of Weep, surrounded by mushrooms and thick purple smoke. She claims to have a power of knowing the price of everything and everyone, including Leila.

Mysterious Trader offers Leila a deal: to bring her items she was promised by a hunter in exchange for merchandise she prepared for him.


Mysterious Trader's Inventory

Initially Mysterious Trader will refuse to trade with Leila. Bring Mysterious Trader Monazite to unlock her as a merchant and expand her stock.


Mysterious Trader Location


Mysterious Trader Associated Quests


Mysterious Trader Notes & Tips

  • Mysterious Trader's Feather Hat can be found in Depressing Forest. Her Fox Mask can be found at Peak of Weep.
  • After her quest is complete Mysterious Trader will tell Leila that every human has a certain amount of energy, and those with more than average are gifted with visions and often become clergymen, and that those with the blood of the old gods in their veins might contain "boundless energy". This could potentially explain Leila's visions at the start of the game, as well as Arabela's ability to see sisters' "inhuman shape".



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