placebos quest vtln wiki guide
Available Act 2
Previous Quest Mysterious Person
Next Quest -
Location Maye Town
Quest Giver Daisy
Time Limit Yes
Reward/s 300 Gold

Placebos is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Placebos Objectives

  • Find the Doctor.
  • Daisy asked me to deliver medicine to the doctor at Maye Hall.
  • Request from the Doctor.
  • The Doctor asked me to provide placebos to the townsfolk.
  • Report back to the Doctor after providing the placebos.


Placebos Information


Placebos Rewards

  • 300 Gold


Placebos Walkthrough

  • Progress sidequest Mysterious Person until Hilda asks Leila to infiltrate Doctor's Home.
  • On the way out (do not use Owl's Feather to teleport!) you will be stopped by Daisy, who will ask you to deliver medicine to the Doctor.
  • Speak to him and he'll ask you to provide the Potion Box x6 to the townsfolk.
  • There are four things you can do with the placebos:
    • Offer placebos to Maye townsfolk. 6 people will accept, the rest will always refuse.
    • You will only unlock the Traveling Salesman achievement if you distribute all 6 placebos to the villagers named below; if you instead sell placebos to Fisher, give them to Hilda, or give them to Sister Maggie, then the achievement will not unlock even if you complete the quest.
    • You get a prompt to offer a placebo only once! If you choose to not give a placebo to an NPC you will not be able to give it to them later.
      • Drew - the homeless man under where the Gate Outpost is.
      • Clay - the man standing between the tavern and the Painter's Cottage.
      • Mager - in the Tavern, standing otside Room 217.
      • Miner Paul - in Paul and Vincent's House (appears there if you've talked to him near the Lower Mines Entrance).
      • Hamilton - the man sitting under the bridge in the Village.
      • Rove - in Maye Hall - Dormitory.
    • Sell remaining placebos to Fisher in the Tavern.
    • Give remaining placebos to Sister Maggie in the Church. This option is always available; you will not be able to enter the Church as long as you have placebos in the inventory.
    • Give remaining placebos to Hilda in the Outskirts of Maye (always available).
    • Do not distribute the placebos at all.
  • After distributing the placebos, head back to the Asylum and report back to the Doctor to complete this quest - you'll be rewarded with 300 Gold.


Placebos Concequences

 Quest's results take effect at the start of Act 3.


Placebos Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Giving Arabela the Blindfold will not save her if Sister Maggie was given even a single placebo, it only affects the presense of Key of Forbidden Library in her room.
  • It's impossible to save Sister Holly, Sister Maggie, and Sister Iris.
  • As the Doctor tells you when explaining what his medicine will do, a placebo is a fake medicine given to stimulate a psychological reaction in a patient, which can help them fight their illness better than if they were given nothing at all. Considering that the medicine actually has an effect, it's safe to say that the placebos you hand out aren't really placebos after all.



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    • Anonymous

      I walked around the every villager and chose to NOT give them the placebo, because I figured it was actually something bad... While I guess I was right, I literally now cannot progress the quest, because now I can't go back and change my mind and give it to anyone. I'm stuck here now with this box of useless medicine that nobody wants to take! I've literally cleared every inch of the rest of the game and cannot progress past this point, unless I'm doing something wrong. I'm tried exhausting dialogues with just about everyone I can possibly find. Doesn't give me the option to hand out placebo anymore to anyone.

      • Anonymous

        Both Hilda and the doctor are nowhere to be found after giving placebos to Maggie and defeating the lake boss.. I haven't beat the boss in the Giantwood because several quests fail after that...

        • Anonymous

          Это действительно не плацебо, а красный эликсир (доработаный или разбавленый) который превратил Бруну в монстра.

          • Anonymous

            This quest currently is very bugged. I believe to avoid the bug after you get the 2nd part of the document from the doctors home immediately go to the doctor and get the placebo quest. When you go to turn in the document to hilda give her the placebo then too.

            • Anonymous

              Hey, are given 6 of these placebos, yeah?
              And the wiki here lists FIVE (5) villagers that you can give it to - what's up with that?
              There's an achievement for giving it to all villagers, but where is the sixth villager, does anyone know?

              • Anonymous

                Actually, giving the placebos to Maggie causes people in the church to transform into monsters.
                The best option is to give it to Hilda. That way nobody transforms.

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