Dephil, The First One

Location Everlasting Cage
Reward/s 1160 EXP
2730 Gold
Daisy's Diary
Owl Claymore
Dephil's Coat
Dephil's Boots
Dephil's Gloves

Dephil, The First One in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. Dephil, the first Vigilant who was able to end the first Longest Night. She has devoted herself to becoming a guardian for one of the realms. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


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Dephil, The First One Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Dephil is one of the most agile bosses in the game, with a varied skillset to back it up. Before heading into this battle, you must defeat the other guardians of the other realms; Upotancos, Pulse Surrounder, Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers, and The Ancient Guard. Check our guide for the related QuestsThe Twins and Gate to the Other Side to learn more on how to reach Dephil. You'll want to scavenge the items from these dungeons if you want to stand a chance against Dephil; the Mechanical Bow is found in a chest in the Shadow Disaster realm, Uptancos' Horn is sometimes dropped by Uptancos, and the Frost Spear is sometimes dropped by Princess Downaly. Apart from these game-breakers, try to purchase the Slumber Set from Zachary at the Smithy in Maye Town and upgrade it as best you can increase its defense, and more importantly, Leila's stamina. You'll need an armor set that gives a bonus to Stamina since you'll be dodging a lot and using the Mechanical Bow's overpowered artillery barrage takes up large chunks of Stamina.

There are two attacks you want to watch out for; her 3-hit combo ends with a wave of energy on the third attack, and her Crescent Projectile enchants her sword swing and releases a spinning projectile towards you. They are as complicated as they are lethal and even have knockdown. You especially want to avoid getting pinned down since Dephil immediately chains her attacks after using her specials. You can easily avoid both of these attacks if you double jump and then air dash.

Frost Spear is a good arcane item to use since it summons an icicle that damages upon contact and it changes to a sculpture of Princess Downaly when it hits the ground. This blocks anyone from moving through it, so if you are able to block Dephil, you can punish her a bit with the Bow until she breaks the ice or it wears off. Uptancos' Horn has a good range as well, and it damages and inflicts the lightning effect that deals some damage when she's struck by lightning. Hand of Flames is also helpful because Dephil doesn't have strong Burning resistance or any curatives to status effects, meaning she'll spend all that time on fire and you can go on the defense while it eats away at her health.

The Bow is effective against Dephil since she always tries to close the distance, even when she's getting pelted. Just be careful of the distance since the arena is relatively small. You can always try to get behind her, maintain a safe distance, and then shoot her from afar. With the Mechanical Bow's special ability you'll be shooting hwachas that she'll blindly charge into! Just keep a close eye on your stamina, it's easy to lose track.

When you defeat her, you'll gain 1160 EXP, 2730 Gold, and Daisy's Diary. If you fight her again for a couple of times, she drops the following items as a reward apart from Gold and EXP: Owl Claymore, Dephil's Coat, Dephil's Gloves, and Dephil's Boots. You may want to repeat the battle against her until you obtain the mentioned items since the Dephil set is quite a strong equipment especially if you maximize it to +7.


Attacks & Counters

  • 3-Hit Combo: Dephil dashes forward and swings her weapon three times, a wave of energy is released in front of her after the third strike. You can jump then air dash above her to get behind her. Once you're behind use Uptancos' Horn or Hand of Flames to attack her with magic and then follow up by shooting her with your Bow.
  • Charged Attack: Dephil charges up and releases a strong sweep attack or a 2-hit strike in front of her. This only occurs if you're close to her, so just stay away from her. While she's charging, you can shoot her with the Bow or use Uptancos' Horn to deal damage even from afar.
  • Mud Puddle: Dephil throws a puddle of mud that slows Leila if she walks on it. You can simply avoid this by jumping over it.
  • Crescent Blade: Dephil leaps forward and releases a spinning projectile from her weapon. Jump over it to avoid getting hit, it's a bit tricky to dodge this by dodge rolling towards it.
  • Leap Kick: Dephil uses her sword to propel herself forward and kicks Leila. Dodge roll back to evade it.
  • Aerial Slash: Dephil jumps in the air and swings her weapon. Dash or dodge roll under her to avoid it.


Dephil, The First One Lore

Dephil was the first Vigilant in history to end the first Long Night. The details are lost to history, as the latest Long Night has gone on for centuries.

Upon defeating her, she reveals to Leila that she regrets indoctrinating her sister Daisy instead of treating her like a normal sister and reading her normal fairytales. The fact that Dephil's sister's name is the same as Leila's sister's name is not a coincidence. 

Dephil, The First One Notes & Trivia




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