Brood Mother

brood mother boss vigil the longest night
Location Secret Trail
Reward/s Double Jump ability
Ruby Necklace

Brood Mother is a Boss in Vigil the Longest Night. The Brood Mother is a woman who was turned into a monster by the Professor, it features elongated arms and spawns maggots. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


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Brood Mother Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The Brood Mother is an immobile boss that uses its elongated arms to attack and spawns Maggots to attack Leila. For this battle, you'll be tested with your timing and patience when it comes to dodging. Before fighting this boss, you'll want to purchase the Vigilant's Long Bow which you can purchase from Zachary at the Smithy in Maye Town; stock up with Fire Arrows, Dynamites, and/or Molotovs since it is weak to fire. Usually, when the battle starts, it will move its right arm for a two-hit combo. It has a two-second delay before it tries to grab you and then follows-up by slamming its hand on the ground. Its force of slamming its hand on the ground will also cause debris to fall from above, usually, the debris will fall down from your last position.

Sometimes, it will let out a screech that causes multiple debris to fall from the ground and follows-up with slamming its hand on the ground. So when it screams, be ready to look above to watch out for the debris and be ready to dodge for its hand. What's recommended for this is to position yourself at the far left-hand side of the screen, wait for the debris to fall, dodge towards the boss, and then counterattack with a few hits while you're near its stomach.

Whenever you try to dodge its attacks, you want to try to position yourself or dodge towards it so that you can land a couple of attacks to its stomach. If you're position somewhere in the middle, try to equip a Molotov or Dynamite to throw it at the boss. Molotov works best since the flames damages over time. Since you have a bow, you also have the advantage of attacking it from afar if ever you're positioned at the other end of the screen, just make sure to equip the bow and use swap to Fire Arrows. Time your dodges, be patient, ,always watch out for the debris when it screams and slams its hand on the ground, and attack when there's an opportunity to do so.

An easy, borderline cheesy strategy is to simply stand on the opposite end of the arena and spam a bow or Flaming Magpie arcane item. The only attack that can reach Leila there is the shriek, which is easy enough to avoid by moving slightly to the right and then back to the spot. Brood Mother's arm swipe won't connect, and Maggots can be disposed of from afar before they even hatch.

Attacks & Counters

You'll find a list of its attacks to better understand on how to counter them:
  • 2-Hit Combo: It swings its right arm inward, near its face, and then slams its fist at the ground, causing debris to fall from the shockwave. Stay away from it and prepare to dodge the slam and the debris.
  • Sweeping Arm: It swings its left arm across the ground, then charges up and slams its fist at the left corner of the screen, causing debris to fall from the shockwave. Wait for about two seconds to dodge its sweep, then close the distance or prepare to dodge its slam, then look out for falling debris.
  • Destabilizing Shriek: The monster will scream so loud that it causes multiple rocks to fall from above, then it follows-up by quickly slamming its hand on Leila. Try to position yourself at the far left-hand side of the screen, wait for the debris to fall, dodge towards the boss, and then counterattack with a few hits while you're near its stomach.
  • Maggots: It spits out three three eggs, which quickly hatch into Infant Maggots. Two hits with the Iron Halberd that you previously got from Captain Carl will do. Don't wait for it to hatch from its egg. If the eggs hatch, kill the maggots or let the mother off her offspring.


Brood Mother Lore

Brood Mother is the result of the Professor's failed ritual. Killing her will release her soul intact, which thanks you and urges you to save Gram before disappearing.

Brood Mother Notes & Trivia

  • Related Quest, Bruna Missing.
  • This boss is featured in the beta and demo versions of the game.




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