Scholar of the Sacred Wood

Location Inside the Greatwood
Reward/s Sword of the Other God

Scholar of the Sacred Wood in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. The Scholar of the Sacred Wood was once a human that has been corrupted by the element of the sacred wood, it has been sealed inside the giant wood so that no one can release it to spread chaos or worst, to harness its power. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


A mysterious man is sealed here

After suffering torment from an unknown force for centuries.

All love and compassion is gone. Only hatred remains." - official artbook


Scholar of the Sacred Wood Location

  • Scholar of the Sacred Wood is an optional boss who recides at the very bottom of Inside the Giantwood.
  • Giantwood is the biggest tree in Peak of Weep, the entrance is located at the very top of it.



Scholar of the Sacred Wood Rewards




Scholar of the Sacred Wood Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Scholar of the Sacred Wood has two phases. During the first phase, you want to watch out for its melee attacks since most of it can pin Leila down and deals a lot of damage. It has a projectile attack as well but it can easily be dodged by baiting it into following you and then jumping over it. Now, assuming you have defeated the God of Thunder and the Ice Princess, you should have gotten the following items, the Mechanical Bow found in the Shadow Disaster realm, Uptancos' Horn that is dropped by Uptancos after defeating it, and the Frost Spear that is dropped by Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers. These three items can help you win the battle easily.

Frost Spear can block The Scholar's path, and when it can't pass, you can counterattack with the Bow or use Uptancos' Horn or Hand of Flames first to inflict magical damage then follow up with the weapon attack. Confine Momentum is also a good arcane item that you can use especially in its second phase since it slows down everything around you, giving you the chance to predict its next move. If you want to boost your attack, use Bloody Stamp to buff Leila's attacks, but make sure you are stocked up with Healing Potions since her HP will decay over time until the effect wears off.

As for armor, you should have defeated Dephil, The First One before facing this boss. Grabbing the Dephil's Set which contains Dephil's Coat, Dephil's Boots, and Dephil's Gloves grants good defensive properties and increases Leila's Health and Stamina. Maximizing its level to +7 will even be helpful since it increases your survivability rate.

Most of the time, you'll find yourself positioned away from this boss since you'll be dodging a lot. But if you have the window of opportunity where you are close to it, switch to your strongest melee weapon and hit it with a couple of attacks. When you reach the second phase, however, you'll be keeping your distance for the most part of the battle since its attacks change from short-range attacks to mid and long-range. So the recommended weapon to have is a maximized level of the Mechanical Bow and fire away.

Another good tactic is to summon multiple bats by using the Contracted Bat. This keeps the boss busy and it will try to kill all of the bats first before it comes after you. You can summon up to four bats in succession and when you have enough, change to your bow and keep firing at it until all the bats are dead. The bats also deal damage, so they'll also help in fighting.

Attacks & Counters

Phase 1

  • Charge and Sweep: This boss charges in and sweeps its sword forward. Dodge Roll towards it to get behind.
  • Overhead Attack: Swings its sword overhead and slams it on the ground. This only inflicts damage if you're close to it, backstep to avoid it, dodge roll, or dash back.
  • Leap Attack: Jumps forward and swings its weapon downward that can pin Leila to the ground if she's hit. Dodge roll backward to avoid getting hit. If you're up against a corner, dash forward to get behind it.
  • 2-Hit Attack: Pierces its sword on the ground and then forward. Only works if you're close to it, so just maintain your distance and you can counterattack with a Bow.
  • Cursed Skulls: The Scholar summons skeleton projectiles that fly toward Leila's direction. Watch for its movements so that you can jump over it and then air dash.

Phase 2: The second phase occurs its HP reaches zero. Its health becomes full again and you'll see tentacles pop out of its head. Most of its attacks will change to mid and long-range.

  • Empowered Attacks: All of its attacks with the sword releases a dark wave of energy. Jumping and using air dash will be the key to avoiding this.
  • Emerging Tentacles: The Scholar plunges its tentacles on the ground and shoots out of the ground. This attack is quite fast but you'll see a purple colored indicator on the ground that will help you identify where the tentacles will pop out. You can use the gap between the tentacles to avoid getting hit. While you're in between the gap, keep shooting your Bow so that you can keep inflicting damage until it retracts its tentacles.
  • Lunging Tentacles: Lunges its head forward and uses its tentacles to pierce forward. Dodge roll backward to avoid getting hit.


Scholar of the Sacred Wood Lore

Scholar's true identity is Professor.


Scholar of the Sacred Wood Notes & Trivia

  • If you give three Cubic Crystals to Doctor, you won't be able to fight Scholar of the Sacred Wood, but Plague Doctor will gain a second phase with attacks based on those of the Scholar's.




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