Owl Claymore

Owl Claymore
Weapon Type Claymore
Skill Tree Axe Skill Tree

Owl Claymore is an Axe in Vigil: The Longest Night. The Axe is one of the four types of weapon that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the Axe may constrict Leila's movements but it is capable of inflicting heavy powerful blows.


Dephil's famous sword. Only someone with a will as strong as Dephil herself can hope to wield this powerful blade."


Owl Claymore Special move

  • Leaping Spin: ← → + Attack button


Owl Claymore Acquisition


Owl Claymore Notes

  • Although it is considered an Axe in the game, Owl Claymore can be shown to the Blademaster (quest Beyond the Limits).
  • Price listed in the inventory: 11000 gold.
  • Can be sold for 6600 gold.


Owl Claymore Upgrade Table

  +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Attack +82 +90,2 +98,4 +106,6 +114,8 +123 +131,2 +143,5
Poise Damage +135 +148,5 +162 +175,5 +189 +202,5 +216 +236,3
Attack +20% +22% +24% +26% +28% +30% +32% +35%


Owl Claymore Combat Mechanic

  • When a Halberd is equipped, Leila can execute light attacks, and heavy attacks with the proper skill unlocked. She can also perform a backstep or roll to evade enemy attacks.
  • A successful dodge will negate any damage - dodging consumes a small amount of stamina whenever it is used.

Owl Claymore Notes & Trivia

  • The tooltip for this weapon fails to mention that it has two special attacks, the skipping slash with shockwave listed on the tooltip, and a side kick like Dephil does by inputting down -> forward -> attack
  • In Vigil: The Longest Night, each weapon has its own unique set of moves that changes Leila's stance and fighting style whenever she switches weapons.



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