Lord of the Misty Lake

lord of the misty lake boss vtln wiki guide
Location Bufonitte Lake
Reward/s EXP
Cubic Crystal

Lord of the Misty Lake in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. The Lord of the Misty Lake is the monstrous guardian that resides deep within Bufonitte Lake, it is a giant mutated toad that emits noxious attacks. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


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Lord of the Misty Lake Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Lord of the Misty Lake is one of the most challenging and annoying bosses you'll encounter. You'll want to make sure you stock up on Vinegar to cure yourself of poison and to increase your resistance. Bring your strongest Bow, stock up on Fire Arrows, and make sure you have the following Arcane Items equipped such as Hand of Flames and Flaming Magpie. When it comes to defense, you may want to consider purchasing the Guard Set (Guard Armor, Guard Gloves, Guard Boots) from Zachary at the Smithy in Maye Town and upgrade it to increase its defense.

Before you head to its arena, consume a bottle of Vinegar to gain resistance from poison for a brief moment. Now, before anything else, you want to remember to keep your distance when you are fighting this boss. It will try to eat you and once you're inside its stomach, you're pretty much dead from its attacks. This mutated toad attacks by using its tongue and it will always hop back and forth while releasing toxic gas. Every time it hops, it will leave a trail of toxic cloud, so you'll want to make sure you're always consuming a bottle of Vinegar to always have the poison resistance effect on. If its effect wears off, quickly drink another bottle, this way you can be less worried about getting poisoned and just focus on replenishing your HP from getting hit from the attacks of this boss.

It's good practice to use the Hand of Flames against this boss so that you can inflict damage and the burning effect that depletes its health over time. Even though it's just small damage, it's better than nothing, at least you're dealing continuous damage. The bow works best here since you'll be constantly running away from its attacks, shooting arrows will at least help you damage it from afar - after defeating this boss, make sure to check the far east side of the arena to find a chest containing.

Attacks & Counters

  • Leap Attack: If it starts to leap towards you, run the opposite direction until it stops, or if there's no space, dodge towards it to get behind it but make sure you've consumed a bottle of Vinegar to gain RES against the poison effect. Every time it leaps towards you, it leaves behind a trail of toxic gas.
  • Swinging Attack: This boss will use its tongue to swing and try to land at you. You wanna time your dodge roll right before it lands to avoid getting hit. If you did it correctly, you can follow-up with a few melee attacks.
  • Exploding Tadpoles: This beast will shoot tadpoles in its eggs up in the air and it will land on the ground in a straight line towards you. Run the opposite direction from where the eggs are landing and wait for it to hatch and explode. If you are stuck in a corner, double jump and then dodge roll to avoid getting hit.
  • Emitting Gas: Occasionally Lord of the Misty Lake will remain in one spot and it will release a toxic gas around it. When this happens, use Hand of Flames to damage it and inflict the burning effect, then follow-up by shooting your arrows with the Bow.
  • Piercing Tongue: This is a two-hit attack where this monster will directly hit you straight with its tongue and it will draw its tongue back, causing dizziness if you get hit. Dodge twice at the right moment when the tongue is about to hit you to avoid getting hit.
  • Inside the Beast: If you are eaten, you have to be fast enough to attack the sides of its stomach so it spits you out. You have to be quick before it starts to release projectiles at you and before you're completely devoured.


Lord of the Misty Lake Lore

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Lord of the Misty Lake Notes & Trivia




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