Light Devourer

Location Dilapidated Nightmare
Reward/s New Game Plus

Light Devourer in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. The Light Devourer is an entity that consumes all light, it has used Daisy as its host to spread its darkness and corrupted energy across Maye. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Light Devourer Location



Light Devourer Rewards




Light Devourer Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This boss has two phases. Fiddling with its summoning altar it will determine which Ending you get, based on your progress and actions. See our Endings page to learn more about the conditions. If you have all four heirlooms of Daisy, you can break the four seals around the main pillar and weaken the boss by parasitizing it. If you don't have all four, you won't be able to weaken it during its second phase.

The weak spot of this creature is its face, so you'll need to use the moving platforms to try and get close to it. If you have a heavy weapon equipped such as Halberd, you can get close to it and then execute the spinning aerial attack, if you want to attack from afar, the Bow will be your best weapon of choice here. And the best bow to use here is none other than the Mechanical Bow.

When its HP reaches zero, it enters the second phase where it gains additional attacks. If you've broken all four seals, Daisy will occasionally fight back; a hologram of Daisy's face will hover over the beast's face, and it will fall down, becoming immobile for a brief moment. If this happens, quickly run towards the beast and use your strongest melee weapon and spam that attack button.

Attacks & Counters

  • Giant Fireball: Shoots a large fireball towards Leila. This can be easily avoided by dodging backward or jumping down to the ground and then dashing away before it hits the floor.
  • Lunge Attack: Pushes its arm towards the ground. Stay above the platforms or make sure you're far away from its reach.
  • Devourer's Light: Shoots a beam of light from its mouth. Usually, it shoots in the middle, so either stay on the ground or keep jumping onto the platforms that are above it.
  • Rotating Fire Orbs: The Light Devourer conjures energy from its tail and summons multiple fireballs that rotate. Use the gaps to avoid getting hit or dodge roll when it's about to hit you.
  • Poison Orbs: Poison Orbs appear from the ground and flies up into the air. They can easily be avoided by jumping and using air dash to reposition yourself.
  • Light Orbs: The Light Devourer shoots four small light orbs that follow Leila. You can bait the swarm, and when it's near you, dodge roll towards it to evade it or jump over it and then air dash.
  • Ow My Sanity: Daisy fights back, forcing her host to the floor and stunning it for a short period. This 'attack' only occurs if you messed with the ritual.


Light Devourer Lore

The being responsible for sealing away the day. Though it has always come back, killing it here and now will temporarily end The Longest Night.

 It needed a human sacrifice to manifest properly: the avatar of the night itself. Daisy would suffice, and has sufficed four times previously. But if Daisy were to somehow overpower this eldritch beast, who knows what would happen?

Light Devourer Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      25 Jul 2021 10:03  

      Considering the two bosses before it, this boss was surprisingly easy. All I did was use the bird projectile spell and hit it from off screen. I didn't even see it do any attacks.

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