The Craving Terror

the craving terror boss vigil the longest night
Location Mountain Pass
Reward/s EXP (varied)
Gold (varied)
Withered Flower Ring

The Craving Terror is a Boss in Vigil the Longest Night. The Craving Terror is a four-legged-beast that features a gaping mouth and long sharp teeth. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


The Craving Terror Location



The Craving Terror Rewards




The Craving Terror Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This boss is a large mutated beast and uses its gaping mouth to devour its targets. Fighting this boss is easy especially if you quickly find its weak spot, and that spot is its backside. In order to punish this boss, you'll want to make sure that you always position yourself behind it because it can't attack you from behind and it takes a second for it to face you and try to attack you with its mouth and paws.

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You can easily defeat this boss if you keep in mind to position yourself behind the beast and make sure not to overdo it when attacking it, you still need to watch out for the rest of its attacks. Defeating this boss yields +200 EXP, 252 Gold, x1 Withered Flower Ring for Leila, and it unlocks the Night Hunter achievement for the player.


Attacks & Counters

You'll find a list of its attacks to better understand on how to counter them:

  • Charge Attack: This boss will usually start off and most likely try to charge at you before using its mouth to attack. The best way to counter this attack is to wait for it to get close and then dodge roll towards it to position yourself behind it, allowing you to land a couple of attacks with the Sword.
  • Leap Attack: If you abuse your position of staying behind it, the beast will leap back into the air and try to land on top of you. Time your dodge just before it lands to avoid getting hit.
  • Slam Attack: If you're in front of the beast, it will run toward you for a couple of steps while raising its paw in the air, and then slams it on the ground, hoping it hits you. You can dodge back or better yet, dodge towards it and then follow up with a few attacks before it recovers.
  • Melee Attack: It's not really a good idea to fight this boss face to face because it uses its mouth to send you flying up into the air or it stands on its hind legs and uses its mid arms to attack you. To avoid all of these attacks, just remember to position yourself behind the boss.
  • The Beast's Roar: Occasionally, it will let out a loud roar that temporarily stuns Leila and pushes her back at the same time. It doesn't inflict any damage, but watch out for its follow-up attack where it usually charges forward. When this happens, be ready to dodge roll to avoid getting hit by its gaping mouth.



The Craving Terror Lore

The Craving Terror might be one of the Professor's experiments.


The Craving Terror Notes & Trivia



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