Mad Pale Raven

Location Underground Hall
Reward/s 1280 EXP
2281 Gold
White Raven Daggers

Mad Pale Raven in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. A large raven that serves as a guardian who protects the entrance leading to the Dilapidated Nightmare. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Mad Pale Raven Location



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Mad Pale Raven Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The Mad Pale Raven is an aerial boss that will keep flying around the arena. What sucks about this battle is that you'll need to be working your way around tight platforms over a bottomless pit to fight this bird, and they have many knockback attacks. So for this battle, concentrate more on your positioning than your weapon technique. Use the Bow to attack from a safe platform, or go all-in with hit-and-run attacks from the Sword. As for Arcane Items, use anything that has mid to long-range such as Uptancos' Horn, Bouncing Fireball, and even the Contracted Bat,; it's better to use magic that can consistently inflict damage against this boss than use high-damage low-ranged spells. One good tactic is to use Confine Momentum to slow time and plan out your movement pattern against his bullet hell.

Don't be too impatient or too aggressive when fighting this boss, as mentioned, it will keep flying and most of its attacks can knock Leila back. If you're not careful, one mistake and you can fall off the arena and die instantly. The Mechanical Bow works great since the bird is huge. The best way to punish this boss is when it gathers energy, this is the only time when it's safe to shoot it from afar mindlessly.


Attacks & Counters

  • Raven's Wings: This boss flaps its wings forward to deal damage. Reposition yourself behind it or move away from it to avoid getting hit by its wings.
  • Raven's Gauntlets: The Raven summons gauntlets around it that shoots forward and returns back like a boomerang. Don't try to jump when these appear since you'll be hit and it can knock you back causing you to fall to your death. Try to find a good platform where you can just duck until the gauntlets disappear. These move three times before disappearing.
  • Raven's Light: This boss summons three orbs of light that explodes and deals damage upon contact after a brief moment. Just observer where the orbs will appear and move away from it before it explodes after 2 seconds.
  • Gathered Energy: The Raven closes its wings and gathers energy before releasing it. You'll see a red circle around it, move away from its radius to avoid getting hit.
  • Laser Beam: This boss shoots out a laser beam at Leila's direction. If you are quick enough, you can get behind it and attack it while it's shooting the laser.
  • Flight of the Raven: This large beast flies towards Leila or away from her. It can either damage or push Leila back a bit. Be ready to double jump or air dash if ever you fall off one of the platforms.


Mad Pale Raven Lore

It is likely that Mad Pale Raven is the Doctor. There are several things hinting to this:

  • The color and pattern of Mad Pale Raven's cloth are the same as those of Doctor's coat.
  • The Doctor's final dialogue, in which he claims he is "destined to reach a higher existence that burns with brilliant light".
  • White Raven Daggers description states they were "formed from the that which has been transformed into near divinity".
  • The Doctor is a deeply religious person, and according to Professor's old notes, the faithful adapt to crimson better. That was the cause of Bruna's transformation into Brood Mother, and that might be the reason the Doctor was able to transform into a Mad Pale Raven, and not the regular Mutated Louse Man.


Mad Pale Raven Notes & Trivia

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