Hand of Glory

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Item Type Arcane Item

Hand of Glory in Vigil: The Longest Night is an Arcane Item. Players must equip Arcane Items to their quick slot for it to be used by Leila, these items allow her to execute various effects in the form of a mysterious form of magic. Casting Arcane Magic consumes Mana when used, which is shown to the right at the bottom right of the item's icon. Apart from that, each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status.


A legendary thief cut off his right hand when he pledged to end his criminal career.

Use to steal items or coins from an enemy."


Hand of Glory Information

  • Item Usage: Steals items and gold from enemies and bosses.
  • (From Asomrof patch notes) The chance of stealing is now affected by Arcane, Item Drop, and Money Drop stats
    • Can be used a maximum of two times against an enemy.
      • You can steal a single item and X gold from an enemy, either at the same time, or in two separate pulls.
      • If an enemy drops only one item, it will be stolen every time. If an enemy does not drop any items, only gold will be stolen.
      • To be able to steal from the same enemy again you have to change screens or rest at an Owl Statue.
    • Can be used against optional bosses to get their non-guaranteed drops. You can get one random item per fight this way.


Hand of Glory Acquisition

  • (Act 2&3) Found in the Flooded Area - Sunken Mary Rose, in a side room you drop down into passed the save room. Venture to the bottom right of the room where there is mud slowing you down and slide under a gap in the wall. You'll enter a hidden room and find the hand of Glory on a pedestal 


Hand of Glory Notes & Tips

  • It appears that Hand of Glory uses enemy's drop table to pull at least one item from it. Items with higher drop rate have a higher chance to be stolen, but if an enemy drops only one item it will be pulled every time, regardless of its rarity. Because of that it might seem like some items can only be stolen (and not dropped on kill), when in fact they simply have a very low drop rate.
  • Price listed in the inventory: 3000 Gold.
  • Can be sold for: 1800 Gold.




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    • Anonymous

      Does it steal the entire armor set from bosses at once or is it one item per use? If I use it in a non-guarantee boss like Uptancos and it works will it get the entire Thunder set? Or do I have to do it repeatedly?

      • Anonymous

        This is affected by gold drop (and I assume item drop, but I have no way of confirming that beyond testing it a huge amount and checking the success rate) and is not guaranteed to steal anything at all.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re playing the switch version, the item is broken. Steals coins and appears to steal items but upon checking your inventory you’ll find they don’t transfer over. Absolutely maddening if you’re farming the Tara imposter for the Lagh Blade.

          • Anonymous

            Flooded Area, once you leave the Sunken Mary Rose Lantern area, first drop down into a ship to your right.

            Go down to the bottom level, enter the cage to the right and slide.

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