The Ancient Guard in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss.










The Ancient Guard Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This main element that this boss uses is Poison so before facing this boss, make sure to stock up with Healing Potions. You also should be able to find the pieces for Percival's Armor that are Percival's Armor, Percival's Gloves, and Percival's Boots at the Secret Trail since it's all found in a chest and are easily encountered along the way. Equip the Ruby Ring as well to increase your attack which is obtained after completing the Quest, Bruna Missing. Also, you may want to equip the Flaming Magpie arcane item. This boss has two phases, in the first phase, you'll fight it while it hides behind the tombstone and for the second phase, it will stop hiding and fight you.

Upon entering the arena, you'll find the boss hidden behind a tombstone at the center. It will peak from behind and summon clouds of poison in two different ways. You'll have to watch out for its hand movements. If it just points its finger, then the poison cloud will appear directly at Leila's position. Before it explodes on Leila, you'll notice a green light that will appear and after a second, it will release the poison cloud.

You can easily dodge this with rolling. Second is it will point at the ground or in the air and then it will move its arm like it's controlling the trail of the poison. When this happens, you'll see the poison cloud chasing Leila, depending on the position of the trail, you can either jump or duck to avoid getting hit. When it spawns Corpse Slave enemies, make sure to take them out first, a few attacks with the sword will easily kill it.

During the first phase, it will just hide behind the tombstone and keep using its magic to summon clouds of poison and it will also spawn three Corpse Slave enemies. You'll be doing a lot of jump attacks here since you can only inflict damage by hitting it when it's peaking out from the tombstone. One good tactic as well is to use the Flaming Magpie in the air. If you want to take out a chunk of its HP, equip the  Iron Halberd and then jump attack.

Once it HP reaches zero, the second phase will start and the guardian will emerge from the ground. The Ancient Guard wields a large scythe and it has a tremendous range that will most of the time reach and hit Leila. If you see it lift its weapon in the air, you'll notice that it will gather energy for about 1 second before releasing a sweep attack twice. You have to dodge roll to avoid getting hit or run away from it if there's space enough for you to run.

It will also plunge its weapon on the ground and after a short moment, it will quickly dash and charge at Leila. You can only dodge roll towards and when it's near you it to avoid getting hit, dodge rolling early will just hit you. Occasionally, it will leap into the air or roll towards you that not only damages but pins you to the ground as well. Dodge roll away from it.

Other than that, it will occasionally dig into the ground and hid behind its tombstone. When this happens, you'll see an eye that will open in the middle of it and it will summon multiple Corpse Slave enemies. Attack the eye to quickly deplete the eye's HP and to force the guardian to reemerge from the ground.

Attacks & Counters

Phase 1

  • Poison Clouds: Watch out for the green light as an indicator if it will appear near you, then dodge before it explodes, and either jump or duck if a trail of poison appears and chases Leila. Using the Bow and Flaming Magpie will allow you to continuously damage the boss while you are dodging the poison.
  • Corpse Slave: If The Ancient Guard starts to summon Corpse Slaves, kill it first, and then shift your attention towards the boss. Jump attack to inflict damage towards the guardian that's hiding behind the tombstone.

Phase 2

  • Dashing Strike: If the boss plunges its weapon on the ground, be ready to dodge roll towards it to avoid getting hit when it starts to dash forward.
  • 2-Hit Combo: If the boss raises its weapon, it will gather energy for a brief moment before sweeping its weapon two times. Dodge roll twice and then you can counterattack.
  • Leap Attack: Sometimes it will leap into the air or roll towards Leila, time your dodge roll at the last moment when it lands on the ground to avoid it and if it rolls towards you, dodge roll away from it. You can counterattack while it recovers from the fall.


The Ancient Guard Lore

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The Ancient Guard Notes & Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      Can this boss be killed multiple times/farmed? Cause rare drops on a boss kill seems like retarded design.

      • Anonymous

        If I already killed him and went to the other side, is there any way to go back and get the ceremonial blouse?

        • Killed him 5 times. Out of 4 after the first kill where he will always drop the poison arcane spell, he dropped the Reaper Blade 3 times so its not 100%, but its a high chance. Btw the reaper blade has another special attack besides the hook /-> -> (attack button)/ and you will strike slightly faster initiating combo hits quicker.

          • Anonymous

            The Ancient Guard drops the Reaper Blade (halberd weapon) too but idk if its a % drop cuz i kill this boss two times. first time the finishing blow was with magic damage and it gave me a magic poison weapon and the other time the finishing blow was with a melee weapon that when the Reaper Blade drop is this part of the game or a bug?

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