Red Sparrow in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. Red Sparrow and Blue Magpie used to be protectors of a mysterious land called Asomrof, but now Red Sparrow is locked in another realm called the City of Roots in order to protect others from a terrible monster that exists within her.
Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Red Sparrow Location

  • The City of Roots.
    • The entrance to the City of Roots is located at the end of Purple Crystal Catacombs.
    • Three Pillars of Joss Sticks are required to unlock the entrance. They are a guaranteed drop from optional boss Blue Magpie.



Red Sparrow Rewards




Red Sparrow Strategies

Strategy Writeup

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Attacks & Counters

Absol Summon: Red Sparrow will raise her hand up into the air while her hand glows red, taking a few seconds to charge up before pounding the ground. The ground will erupt and cause a dragon-like creature, Absol, to spring forth. It will fly in the air for a few seconds before diving back down, causing another eruption in the exact same location it was summoned. When you see her charge it up, simply run away, as it is fairly short-ranged. She can use attacks while Absol is still active, walling off a portion of the arena for evasion. However, this is a great opportunity to heal if needed due to how long her windup relative to her other attacks is.
Red Sparrow will generally use at least a couple of attacks prior to using this attack again, effectively "resetting" her attack cycle.

Volley: Red Sparrow will double jump into the air before taking a couple seconds to charge up. Afterwards, she will fire a volley of four large arrows that deal massive damage. Simply dash in the direction of Red Sparrow once the arrows come out, as their tracking locks onto the position you were initially in.

Quick Shot: Red Sparrow will shoot one, then two, then three arrows in quick succession. Double jumping and moving in the direction of the boss is enough to dodge this attack, but if you can you can also get behind the boss.

Charge Shot: Red Sparrow will dash twice before letting out a charged shot that deals massive damage. She is able to change the direction she's facing before letting out the charged shot, so attempting to get behind her while she uses the attack usually results in her hitting you anyway. You can either do a well timed jump or dodge to avoid this attack, but a much lower risk option is to double jump and maintain air time by attacking if needed when you see her do her first dash towards you. You can follow it up with a plunge attack.

Upwards Shot: Red Sparrow will aim upwards before firing off a set of four pink orbs. These orbs will linger in the air for a second before quickly homing in on the player. This can be avoid by dodging in the direction of the boss as soon as the orbs start homing in.

Backstep: Red Sparrow will backstep before rolling backwards and unleashing a set of four pink orbs in front of her. These orbs have very good tracking and will quickly home in on the player's location. If you find yourself in a position close to the boss when she uses it, and you notice the first backstep, it's best to dash away from her and then dodge back towards her once all the orbs start homing in. However, it is usually better to try and anticipate this attack after she does another attack, as then you will have plenty of room to either dodge through them or double jump and dash over them when they curve towards you.

Energy Ball: Red Sparrow will summon a large pink ball before kicking it in one of two directions: horizontally or upwards. The ball will ricochet a maximum of four times off the walls before disappearing. The more times it ricochets, the less damage it will deal should you get hit by it. Try to focus on evasion while the ball is out, as the boss can still use other attacks, including summoning another ball, while it's out. That said, you can often times ignore the ball when it gets kicked upwards, as it will cover significantly less arena space and most of the time you will be jumping and dashing to avoid her arsenal anyways.


Red Sparrow Lore

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Red Sparrow Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Be patient. Just hit once or twice and then get some space to evade her attacks. With axe I only spun once and then relied on the finishing hit for damage. When she does the dragon spell it really isn't worth it to try evade out and then go in for a hit and then get out again, too risky, just spend that time dodging/healing/using spells.

      • Anonymous

        This fight can be cheesed to trivialisation if you use the following setup:
        IV Stand item +7 with lighting enchantment
        Rings :
        Dab hand

        Contracted bats
        Throwing knives

        Equpment on body does not matter so i used the best item drop gear on hand with HP % up enchant

        The potion bonus guarantees a full heal every time
        I consider your survival tree maxed out

        The summoned Bats will drive her AI Bat **** CRAZY

        She attacks them , tries to run away from them,
        they can stagger her , and they even soak up some of her attacks
        just constantly evade and summon.

        if she charges the upwards red dragon attack you can get like 10 thrown knives in
        takes as much time as a "fair" figtht which let`s all be honest she never intendet to give you
        spamming salves of high dmg homing projectiles without cooldown.

        Well now you can humiliate her to death in a rough 4 minutes

        The real challenge here is fighting the urge to laugh and drop the controller ;-3

        • Anonymous

          Be patient and use ranged attacks. I found uptancos' horn works well if you wanna use arcane items. If you want to minimize the number of fights you have to do, make sure to equip amethyst dagger, diving barrel, fox mask, forgotten percival's set, and four raw amethyst rings before killing her. If you wanna steal I recommend using confine momentum before hand of glory.

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