Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. Princess Downaly is the ruler of the Frozen Realm and one of the guardians of the multiple realms, she controls the element of ice and uses it to defeat those who appear as a threat to her and the kingdom.


The leader of an unknown ancient ice blasted country.

She ruled this lost country with her faithful vassals.

And brutally enslaved her people." - official artbook



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Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers Strategies

Strategy Writeup

For this boss battle, you'll want to have your strongest Dagger and Bow equipped, and some Fire Arrows. Equip as many Ice-Defense items as you can handle. Once the battle starts, this ice princess will conjure a strong wind that either pushes you away from her or toward some spikes that are on the wall. The reason why you need the Bow equipped for this battle is so that you can shoot her even if you're far from her, especially if she's trying to push you away from her and when she teleports to reposition.

Most of the time when she needs to attack you, she'll either be in the air or on the ground in one spot as she tries to channel her power. She'll either summon blocks of ice that appear from above Leila's position or she summons multiple icicles that shoot in an arc position. If Downaly is on the ground, take this opportunity to try to get near her and equip the Dagger to attack her, at this point of the game, you should have at least unlocked the Meteor Shower dagger skill that will allow Leila to rapidly attack the enemy. A good combo is to use Hand of Flames if you're near her so that she gets the burning effect and then attack her.

Downaly's attacks are mostly to try and keep you away from her so you'll heavily rely on using your bow to damage her. Uptancos' Horn is also a good Arcane Item that can be used against her since the shock coming from the magical effect can also inflict damage and it has a good range as well. Contracted Bat is also recommended to be used so you can summon bats that can attack her.

Attacks & Counters

  • Blizzard (Weather): Downaly conjures a blizzard, causing fierce winds to blow west or east. While this doesn't hurt you directly, the force of the winds will make dodging her other attacks much more difficult. Downaly will rarely cast this multiple times to change the direction of the wind. She is stationary and vulnerable while casting this spell, so wail on her while she summons this prolonged breeze.
  • Blocks from Above: Downaly floats in the air and summons blocks of ice above your position. Dodge rolling will allow you to avoid getting hit before it lands on the ground.
  • Downaly's Icicles: Downaly summons an arc of icicles that appears in the air. Upon landing on the ground it explodes and releases sculptures of her. Wait for the icicles to land and position yourself in between the gap from where it will land to avoid getting hit.
  • Ice Shield: Downaly quickly summons a spiked ice shield in front of her if you're close. Dodge roll away and follow up with attacking her with a bow.
  • Ice Pillars: Downaly summons a pillar of ice that blocks your path, the tip of the pillar causes damage if you touch it. So make sure you double jump and then use air dash if you need to jump over it. If you don't need to jump over it, just wait for it to disappear.
  • Charity of Magic Missiles: Downaly casually throws three ice-based magic missiles into the air, which drop onto you.
  • Clear the Rabble: Downaly conjures a fast-flow wave of ice behind her feet. Jump to evade.
  • Super Cylinder of Coldness: Downaly summons two tall cylinders that deal cold damage over time.


Princess Downaly, Leader of Betrayers Lore

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