Location Catacombs
Reward/s EXP
Skull Hammer

AdriAnDyloncholas in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. AdriAnDyloncholas is the guardian of the Catacombs, it appears to be a cluster of possessed skeletons. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Stand in front of the tablet connecting to an unknown space.

Formed of countless corpses.

The Guardian, full of agony and resentment, stirs."


AdriAnDyloncholas Location



AdriAnDyloncholas Rewards

  • X EXP
  • X Gold
  • Skull Hammer
  • Opens the portal by the ceremonial statue that allows you to travel through various dimensions.




AdriAnDyloncholas Strategies

Strategy Writeup

AdriAnDyloncholas is one of the easiest bosses you can encounter. It's just a matter of timing your dodges right to avoid a few of its aggressive attacks. For this battle, it is recommended to bring the Raging March and Hand of Flames Arcane Items with you. Hand of Flames will allow you to inflict the burning effect when it's immobile and Raging March leaves behind a trail of flame wherever you go.

In spite of being one of the easiest bosses you can fight, AdriAnDyloncholas is quite an agile boss. You may want to watch out for its pounding attack where it aggressively charges towards you while its skeleton arms rotate and pound on the ground. If ever you are stuck in a corner, dodge towards it right before it comes in contact with you to avoid getting hit and to reposition yourself from behind. A good tactic is to quickly activate Raging March if it charges at you so that you'll continuously damage it from the flames you leave behind.

Most of the time, this boss will cling onto the ceiling, so just maintain your distance, equip your Bow and shoot it while jumping in the air. Don't spam the jump attack button but instead, wait for it to curl up into a ball and try to bounce towards you. At some point, it will get dizzy and it will fall onto the ground, giving you a window to attack it with any of your weapons before it recovers. A good combo is to activate the Hand of Flames, switch to a Halberd, and attack. Repeat this process and you'll defeat this boss. Apart from Gold and EXP, you can find the Feathered Hat and the Vigilant Ritual's Hanging Shaft inside two chests next to an Owl Statue that is just above the arena of this boss - piles of caskets will fall from the ground on the east side which you can use to climb.

Attacks & Counters

  • Pounding March: This boss will continuously slam its arms while moving forward until you're cornered. You can dodge roll towards it to get behind and then use Hand of Flames to apply the burning effect and follow up with attacking it with your Bow. Do not attack it with a melee weapon since you'll get hit by its arms as it continues to move.
  • Thrust Attack: It will push one of its arms forward either behind or in front if you are too close. This knocks you back and damages as well if you're hit. Maintain your distance and if you see it about to push its arm at you, be ready to dodge towards it, not backward.
  • Bouncing Ball: Usually, when it's on the ceiling, it will curl into a ball and bounce towards you. At some point, it gets dizzy and it will fall down onto the ground, becoming immobile. Take this opportunity to switch to any melee weapon such as a Sword, Halberd, or Daggers and attack it before it recovers.
  • Exploding Blood: AdriAnDyloncholas will also shoot these balls of blood that explode after a brief moment. Just keep your distance and don't go near it until it all blows up.


AdriAnDyloncholas Lore

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AdriAnDyloncholas Notes & Trivia




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