Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder

Location Shadow Disaster
Reward/s 740 EXP
1989 Gold
Eternal Gaze

Uptancos' Horn

Head of Uptancos

Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder in Vigil: the Longest Night is a Boss. Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder is the God of Thunder who is one of the guardians of the unknown realms.


A bizarre god born from a flash of thunder

Can become thunder itself

And scorch wherever it goes." - official artbook








Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder Strategies

Strategy Writeup

During your exploration in the Shadow Disaster, you might want to grab the Mechanical Bow that can also be found in the same location. It's near the arena of this boss and you can find it inside a chest that's surrounded by rotating gears. Grabbing the said Bow will give you an advantage in battle since you can activate its special art that allows you to fire multiple arrows.

Upotancos is one of the challenging and agile bosses you'll encounter in the game, so patience is key to defeating this boss and you'll have to keep an eye out for its attacks. Luckily you can punish this boss while it's immobile after it gathers and releases most of its energy. Upotancos will overload and it will need a few seconds to recover, while it's overloaded, it's HP will also slowly decay. To identify when this state happens, you'll notice Upotancos gathering energy in mid-air and after a few seconds, it releases a string of lightning in a cross shape before falling down to the ground. A good tactic is to use Hand of Flames while it recovers so that the decay effect doubles and at the same time you can attack it with your strongest melee Weapon.

Now, Upotancos will be dancing around the arena which forces you to move around as well, hoping you won't get hit by its attacks. It is suggested you equip the newly obtained Mechanical Bow and shoot it from afar. The weapon's special art allows Leila to shoot multiple arrows at once by continuously pressing the attack button.

Attacks & Counters

  • Piercing Strike: Upotancos lunges conjures a lightning saber around its hand and uses it to pierce straight ahead. Dodge roll and duck to avoid getting hit. A good way to dodge and punish him is to dodge behind him and land a few attacks.
  • Flight of Uptancos: This is a melee attack where Upotancos flies in the air and after a brief moment lands to Leila's position. Can be avoided with a dodge roll.
  • Gathered Energy: Upotancos gathers energy and releases a string of lightning. You can avoid this by running away from him and then jump just as the lightning appears. After Upotancos releases the lightning, it becomes overloaded, allowing you to punish it before it fully recovers. In this state, its HP also decays until it gets back up.
  • Pulsating Energy: Upotancos gather energy and lightning around him. Stay away from the arc and use your bow to attack it from afar. The electricity deals with continuous damage to Leila if you are caught within the radius.
  • Bouncing Lightning Bolt: Keep an eye out for the lightning bolt that bounces up and down from the ground. With the right positioning, simply duck to avoid getting hit. If you want to counterattack, you can be aggressive and continue shooting your bow even if you are in a crouched position.
  • 3-Hit Attack: Upotancos gathers lightning sabers in both of his hands and swings its arms three times after a brief moment. Dodge towards the boss to get behind him then follow up with an attack while he recovers.


Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder Lore

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Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder Notes & Trivia



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