Breath of the Goddess

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Item Type Arcane Item

Breath of the Goddess in Vigil: The Longest Night is an Arcane Item. Players must equip Arcane Items to their quick slot for it to be used by Leila, these items allow her to execute various effects in the form of a mysterious form of magic. Casting Arcane Magic consumes Mana when used, which is shown to the right at the bottom right of the item's icon. Apart from that, each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status.


Breathe out a whirlwind that picks up debris from the ground and flings them into anything in your path. Can push enemies and open some pathways."


Breath of the Goddess Information

  • Item Effect:
    • Damages enemies and pushes them back for a short duration of time, or until it hits an obstacle.
    • Opens pathways marked by green symbol.


Breath of the Goddess Acquisition


Breath of the Goddess Notes & Tips

  • List of blocked passages:
  • Blocked passages reset in New Game +, but do not show up on the map anymore. However, you keep Breath of the Goddess (as well as the rest of Arcane Items) and can unlock them immediately.
  • Price listed in the inventory: 3000 Gold.
  • Can be sold for: 1800 Gold.



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