Hexagonal Shimmer Stone

Item Type Forge Material

Hexagonal Shimmer Stone in Vigil: The Longest Night is a Forge Material. Forge Mats. such as Shimmer Stones and Crystals, Shards, Stones, and many more are mainly used to enchant Leila's Weapons and Armor which increases the equipment's stats and by adding various buffs and effects. The maximum level of a weapon or armor piece can only be increased to +7, apart from that, Rings and other equipment cannot be upgraded or enchanted


The remains of the Goddess. Believers consider these hexagonal stones to be a source of divine power and keep them in the church.

Adds a +1 enchantment to a weapon or armor. Max +7."


Hexagonal Shimmer Stone Usage

  • Upgrade weapons and armor from +6 to +7.


Hexagonal Shimmer Stone Acquisition


Hexagonal Shimmer Stone Notes & Tips

  • Price listed in the inventory: 2400 gold.
  • Can be sold for 1440 gold.




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