Outskirts of Maye (Prologue) is a Location in Vigil: The Longest Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Outskirts of Maye features countless outer sections of the city, it serves as a connecting point to the Village and the Church Plaza. What lies beyond are wandering townspeople, some secrets, and unforgiving monsters.


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Full Outskirts of Maye Walkthrough

Leila finally arrived back in Maye Town but finds out that the city is spiraling in unfortunate events. The town is being attacked by monsters, people have gone missing, and it looks like Leila seems to be the perfect person to investigate these matters. It's now time to venture to the Outskirts of Maye to learn more about Bruna and to hopefully find your sister, Daisy.

The Outskirts

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Upon entering the outskirts, go straight and you'll immediately see Shabbir who is standing by the entrance of the Church Plaza. You'll unlock a quest "Addict": your goal is to find Shabbir's "medicine". To obtain more clues about it, head back to Maye Town and speak to guards at the Gate Outpost - after you speak to the Captain and Joseph, return to the outskirts.


Investigate the Outskirts

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Now, head to the east side of the outskirts and check the upper section by the waterfalls, you'll find a girl named Isabella. Behind her is a chest containing 100 Gold, and an unreachable (for now) ledge with another item. Speak to Isabella to obtain more notes regarding the disappearance of Bruna.

Right underneath the wooden bridge is the A5 Owl Statue, and further east is the path leading to the Village. But before going that way, return to Shabbir and head to the Church Plaza.


Subsequent Visits



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outskirts of maye prologue map vigiltln wiki


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