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  • Messy Note
  • Shimmer Code - Brightness Inside


Village (Prologue) Walkthrough

After a short walk through the Outskirts Leila finally arrives to the Village.

The Village

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At the entrance to the Village you will meet a familiar face, Giza, who will share some more gossip about Bruna and Gram. Not far from him stands Valmont, another gossiper. After talking to them jump down the bridge and head west. There you will find homeless Mahrez sleeping under a tent. Unlike the other two, Mahrez actually has something interesting to share: he has seen Bruna and Professor sneak off to a cave. Speak to Mahrez three times, and he will give you Small Folded Note, apparently dropped by Bruna herself. Deliver the note to Thurber W. Sungi. Then enter the house next to Mahrez' tent.

Gram's Home

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On the first floor of Gram's Home is a chest that contains 100 Gold. On the second floor you will find Gram's brother Chris. Chris suffers from some illness, and is waiting for his missing brother to bring him medicine, which he cannot retrieve himself because he's...guarding "blood"? Not suspicious, not at all.

Earlier Joseph at the Gate Outpost told Leila that Sacredwood is located behind Gram's house. Return to the chest on the first floor and drop down from there to reveal a hidden corridor. There you will find Healing Potion x1 and another yet inaccessible pathway. Nothing else left to do here, turn back and go outside, to the next house.


Bruna's Home

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In Bruna's house you will find her distraught mother, Tangerine. The poor woman appears to be in a complete denial of Bruna and Gram's not-so-secret relationship, claiming her daughter to be a devoted servant of the Goddess who "doesn't talk to men". She also reveals that Bruna was Professor's student, the best of them. After exhausting Tangerine's dialogue search the house. In the eastern room you will find a Hexagonal Candle and a lore note. On the second floor is another lore note, and a ledge that Leila cannot reach.

That's all for the Village. After exiting Bruna's Home head outside, jump on some platform and use the ladder to enter the Valley.


Subsequent Visits

After certain conditions are met following changes happen in this area:


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Trivia & Notes:

Double Jump ability is required to get  Crumpled Blank Letter in Bruna's Home and the School and Blood of the Sacredwood in the Wasteland. It is obtained by defeating Brood Mother as a part of Bruna Missing quest.


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