Valley (Prologue) is a Location in Vigil: The Longest Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.


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Full Valley (Prologue) Walkthrough

Leila leaves the safety of the Village and ventures into the unknown in search of the two missing girls.


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This area is relatively short and straightforward. After you climb the ladder go across the bridge occupied by a single slime until you reach a small cave with a chest that is protected by a new enemy: two bats. Bats don't have a lot of hp and don't deal much damage, but can be hard to land a hit on as they tend to hover outside of  Leila's reach and can pass through solid objects. After dealing with the bats and getting your reward - 100 Gold - from the chest, head back and climb the stones to reach another bridge and the A6 Owl Statue.

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Go past the statue and climb a set of platforms to reach the last bridge. There you will find two Beast Hunters. After dealing with them take a closer look at the bridge itself. At its left side you will see a couple of scattered posters and colorful red drapes. From there you can drop down to a set of decorated wooden platforms, and if you have started sidequest Best Audience in Maye Town then Mukddars will be waiting there for you.

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Speak to Mukddars, and he will disappear again. His next hiding spot is located below Maye Bridge, on a platform adjacent to the western wall. Find him again to complete the quest and obtain Flaming Magpie - arguably one of the best Arcane Items in the entire game. After you're done with Mukddars' little game of hide and seek climb back up and head east. Past the bridge with Beast Hunters a new enemy called Ghoul will try to ambush you by dropping down from a cave's ceiling. A bit further from there you will find a blood-covered hill and A Corner of Cloth Scrap.

Bug: Sometimes when A Corner of Cloth Scrap is picked up a wrong quest gets updated. This bug is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way.

Before exiting Valley look around the hill. In the top right corner of the screen there is a secret area which can be reached with a precise jump from the edge of the hill.

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Jump onto the branch and go past the waterfall, but be wary of another sneaky ghoul. In a cave behind him you will find Small Shimmer Stone x1. Climb up stones and logs to reach a small glade. In the western corner of the glade you will find a chest that contains a blue Ordinary Ring, and in the eastern corner lies a single Fledgling Blood's Soul. If you previously spoke to Professor at the Empty Library you will find him there as well. Speak to him to obtain Wooden Hanging Shaft.

Note: This meeting with Professor and its reward are missable; the encounter can only be triggered as long as the player hasn't yet explored Secret Trail too far. Wooden Hanging Shaft is a key item that is required for , so if you are planning to get all achievements make sure to get it, otherwise you won't be able to get it until New Game +.

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 After you collect everything head back and to the exit which leads to the Secret Trail.


Subsequent Visits

After certain conditions are met following changes happen to this area:

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