Maye Bridge (Prologue) is a Location in Vigil: The Longest Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Maye Bridge is the path that connects the dangerous outskirts filled with monsters and the small town of Maye where Leila resides. The bridge is heavily guarded with traps and is being patrolled by the soldiers of Maye.

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Maye Bridge (Prologue)

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Full Maye Bridge Walkthrough

Upon Leila's journey of returning back to Maye Town, she defeats a beast known as The Craving Terror along the way. She now finds herself on Maye Bridge that serves as the connection to Maye Town, however, it won't be that easy just walking in front of the bridge's gate. It is heavily reinforced with traps to protect the town from monsters lurking around the bridge and Leila must find a way to maneuver her away around it.

The Reinforced Maye Bridge

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Players will now find themselves on Maye Bridge after defeating The Craving Terror on the Mountain Pass. Go straight and investigate the glowing item on the ground next to the stairs, you'll find a tutorial on how to climb a set of steps. After reading it, immediately head down since the path ahead of the bridge is reinforced and blocked with traps. Down the stairs, you'll find an Owl Statue, use it to auto-save your game - you'll need it since you'll have to do some platforming to maneuver around the bridge and you may accidentally die from falling.

owl statue maye bridge walkthough vtln wiki guide 600px

From the owl statue, walk to the right a bit and you'll see an item that you can pick up which is x10 Throwing Knife, and another tutorial next to it that shows you a guide on how to use Quick Items. You can equip the Throwing Knife by accessing the inventory, select the item, and set it to the quick items slot. Exit the menu and you'll be able to cycle through the slotted quick items that can be found at the bottom right section of the screen - if you've gotten the hang of it, continue exploring by heading down another set of stairs, the door ahead of the Owl Statue is blocked and you need to go around from underneath the bridge to destroy it.

Underneath Maye Bridge

under the bridge maye bridge walkthough vtln wiki guide 600px

At the bottom, you'll encounter a Hooded Worshiper, this enemy wields a heavy staff, so just bait it to slam its weapon on the ground and attack it while it recovers. Ignore the west side for now where you'll see broken stairs, and instead, go east and continue to head down where you'll encounter another Hooded Worshiper. After defeating it, go left towards the wooden platform and keep going down by using the other wooden platforms below you. Make sure to always look down to know where you'll land, you're quite high, and if you fall, you can die if you accidentally slip or miss landing on the platform.

You'll find another Hooded Worshiper when you're near the bottom section of the bridge, kill it, and from where it was standing, jump to the left side and check the corner above to find Beaded Night Stones x1. This item permanently increases Leila's max health. After grabbing the item, head to the bottom section and work your way through the water level. Keep going straight until you reach the other side and fight your way through the Slime enemies and another Hooded Worshiper.

bottom section maye bridge walkthough vtln wiki guide 600px

When you reach the end, climb up the wooden platform and then the broken ladder. At the top of it, you'll find another glowing item that includes a tutorial on how to grab onto edges while in the air. Now before you climb to the top of the bridge, you may want to grab an item that's nearby.

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From where the glowing item is, climb to the second platform and from there, jump to the edge towards the east and you'll land on a platform below that you can't reach from just jumping. You actually need the double jump ability to reach this platform, but with the method that's just mentioned earlier, you can reach the platform that's shown in the image above where you'll be able to find a Stinky Helmet on top of the box which is a Key Item, grabbing this item will update Leila's notes and you'll obtain a new Quest entitled the Glorious Guard - from here, continue climbing to the top of the bridge.

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As you climb to the top, you'll encounter another Hooded Worshiper along the way and x2 Mutated Rat, when you're one level away to reach the top, go west and you'll find a small room that contains another guide for you to read regarding equipping and swapping Weapons, open the chest on the left to find x1 Curved Daggers, investigate the shelf on the right to find a note and x2 Tequila and another note on the other shelf on the left. Once you've cleared the room, make sure to destroy the barricaded door on the left to open a shortcut leading to the Owl Statue - you can break down the barricade by simply attacking.

fledgings blood soul location maye bridge walkthough vtln wiki guide 600px

Next, go back to the east entrance of the room and climb the first wooden platform to find another tutorial regarding the special actions of each weapon. Pressing the special action button executes a different move depending on the weapon that Leila is holding. After reading it, climb to the top where you'll reach the gate of Maye Bridge, before speaking to the guards, head west towards the barricade to find x1 Fledgling's Blood Soul under the shed.

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After grabbing the item, head back to the gates, and approach the guards. You'll meet Randall and Duran who are both guarding the entrance to the town, at first Randall stops Leila since he won't recognize her at first but later on, remembers her. Duran and Randall mention that it is a terrible time for her to return since Tangerine, one of the town's citizens is going hysterical due to her daughter Bruna who is missing and that monsters have been trying to attack the town. After speaking to the guards, Leila's notes will be updated with a new quest entitled Bruna Missing - from here, head through the gates towards the next location, Maye Town.


Subsequent Visits

After certain conditions are met following changes happen in this area:



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maye bridge prologue map vigiltln wiki


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