Available Prologue
Previous Quest N/A
Next Quest N/A
Location Outskirts of Maye
Quest Giver Shabbir

x3 Small Shimmer Stone


Mutated Trinity encounter

Addict is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Addict Objectives


Addict Information


Addict Rewards


Addict Walkthrough

  • Head to the Outskirts of Maye and you'll see an anonymous person standing by the entrance of the Church Plaza.
  • Shabbir who looks anxious will ask you to find him his "medicine".
  • To learn more about this medicine:
    • Ask Captain Carl and Joseph at the Gate Outpost in Maye Town. The former won't tell you much, but the latter will tell the exact location.
    • Head to the Village and visit Chris who's in Gram's home. He'll mention some vague clues.
  • Complete the quest Bruna Missing to obtain the double jump ability.
  • Go to Gram's Home in the Village and walk towards the chest on the lower floor. You'll notice a crack on the floor which you can jump down where you'll find a secret path.
  • Use double jump to enter the Wasteland.
  • Defeat Executioner in a Black Robe that's guarding the path ahead and pick up the Blood of the Sacredwood that's by the sacred tree.
  • Give Blood of the Sacredwood to Shabbir or Pagans.


Addict Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      30 Dec 2020 11:49  

      Don't talk to the 3 sisters atop the Brood mother lair in the Secret Trail. They steal your Sacredwood Blood Medicine and you won't be able to complete the Addict quest...

      • Anonymous

        20 Dec 2020 01:29  

        OR you can give quest item to three sister sitting just above the brood mother(left side of valley statue, before secret trials area, right after collapsing grond filled with rats) and see what happens.

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