Village is a Location in Vigil: The Longest Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The village is a small rural area that's situated near the outskirts of Maye Town, the area is dangerous for the people who live in the village since there are monsters that lurk around Maye.



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Full Village Walkthrough

Leila has met the professor at the Empty Library near the Outskirts of Maye. She learns a few things regarding the disappearance of Bruna but she still needs more intel and she must explore the outskirts even more further. She now stumbles upon Maye's village and hopes to find more clues about the case.

Maye Village


Upon reaching the village, you'll see a man named Pegur by the village's entrance, speak to him to obtain more clues about Bruna. Go straight and cross the stone bridge and speak to another man named Valmont who's standing by the directional sign, speak to him as well to obtain some gossip regarding the case. Now, go straight, but don't go to the next section first which is the Valley. When you reach the end, go down the path that leads west to check some houses.

Bruna's Home


In Bruna's home, you'll find her mother, Tangerine. Speak to her and she'll tell you about what she suspects regarding her daughter. You can ask her about Bruna's relationship with Gram and how she works with the Professor. You'll learn that Bruna worked as the Professor's assistant but recently, she had less time working for him and that she is a devoted person who worships the Goddess. Apart from that, you'll also learn from Tangerine that Bruna and Gram were quite close and that Tangerine denies the fact that her daughter would hide their relationship from her - speaking to Tangerine about this will gather more intel and update Leila's notes.


Now, before you leave Bruna's house, make sure to check the area for loot. First, on the first floor, you'll find an altar in the room that's on the right. Investigate it to find a note and then check the box at the end of the room to find the Hexagonal Candle. Head up to the second floor and check Bruna's room, there's a note on the desk that you can read. You'll also notice if you look above Bruna's room, there's a platform that you can hang onto, but you'll need to have the "Double Jump" ability first so that you can reach it - so ignore that for now, head back outside, and check the next house.

Gram's Home


Upon entering Gram's home, first, go straight on the first floor and you'll find a chest containing 50 Gold. Open the chest and then head up to the second floor where you'll find a sick man named Chris who is Gram's brother. Just speak to him for now, and head back outside the house. You've pretty much cleared the village area at the moment, so before heading to the Valley which is on the east side, make sure to talk to the homeless man, sleeping outside of Gram's home.


This guy is Mahrez who shares with you some gossip regarding Bruna, apart from that, he'll also provide you with a Folded Little Note that Bruna dropped - you can go back to Maye Town and give the note to Thurber W. Sungi so that he can decipher it 



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