Church Plaza is a Location in Vigil: The Longest Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.


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NPCs in the area


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Key Items



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Lore Notes

  • Church Announcement
  • Battle of Diqbushire - Prologue
  • Battle of Diqbushire - Finale
  • Burned Diary Page
  • Epic of Coland
  • The Advent Prophecy - Legend
  • The Gilded Bleeding Wood


Church Plaza Walkthrough

Intro to the area goes here.

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Walk up to the entrance of the church and you'll see Sister Jasmine, speak to her to obtain Ceremonial Bell - one of items required for Sister Daisy quest. The church itself is closed, for now.

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Continue going west until you see a man standing near the entrance of the Cemetery - Stein, the Gravekeeper. He will mention that there are strange noises coming from the cemetery. The gate to the Cemetery is unlocked and you can check it out if you want to, but at this point most of the level is not yet available for exploration. Further west you will find a small, time-worn building that seems out of place so close to the grand Shimmer Church: Empty Library.

A Lesson in History

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Empty Library's name speaks for itself: there's only a few bookshelves inside, and only a single visitor. On the first floor you will find a burned note (turns out townsfolk aren't that fond of the library, which explains its current state) and a chest containing Jade Ring x1. On the second floor, 6 lore notes. Reading the one on the altar will reward Leila with Mysterious Manuscript x2. Th

NoteMysterious Manuscript is a key item that permanently raises Leila's arcane stat. There is a total of 30 Mysterious Manuscripts to find, all collected Manuscripts carry to NG+, and missed Manuscripts can be acquired in subsequent playthroughs. However, each Manuscript can be collected once per save file, meaning you cannot have more than 30 of them.

And now all that's left is to speak to Professor. After a short conversation he will ask to be left alone, and with that you've pretty much cleared this section, so return to the Outskirts of Maye and head to the Village from there. 



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Trivia & Notes:

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