Sword of Percival

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Weapon Type Swords
Skill Tree Sword Skill Tree

Sword of Percival is a Sword in Vigil: The Longest Night. The Sword is one of the four types of weapon that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the sword is capable of inflicting high damage and also executing light and heavy attacks.


The runes say that this sword belonged to Percival. It was forged to strengthen the effect of enchantments."


Sword of Percival Acquisition

  • Prologue:
    • Mountain Pass (Prologue): after defeating the Brood Mother and acquiring the Double Jump ability, return to the Mountain Pass. Near the section where you encounter multiple Giant Mice, head west and double jump to find a path leading to a small cave. You'll find a chest inside where you can find this weapon.
    • It's possible to acquire before the first boss with a precise jump and continuous attacks with a Beast Hunter's Maul.
  • Act 2 & 3


Sword of Percival Notes

  • Price listed in the inventory: 2000 gold.
  • Can be sold for 1200 gold.


Sword of Percival Upgrade Table











+43 +47,3 +51,6 +55,9 +60,2 +64,5 +68,8 +75,3

Poise Damage

+74 + 81,4 +88,8 +96,2 +103,6 +111 +118,4 +129,5

Block Absorption

+44 +48,4 +52,8 +57,2 +61,6 +66 +70,4 +77


+40% +44% +48% +52% +56% +60% +64% +70%



Sword of Percival Combat Mechanic

  • When a sword is equipped, Leila can execute light to heavy attacks, she can also perform a front roll or a backstep to evade enemy attacks, as well as placing the sword in front of her to block any incoming attacks.
  • A successful dodge will not inflict any damage while blocking reduces the damage taken - both dodging and blocking consumes a small amount of stamina whenever it is used.

Sword of Percival Notes & Trivia

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • In Vigil: The Longest Night, each weapon has its own unique set of moves that changes Leila's stance and fighting style whenever she switches weapons.



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    • Anonymous

      The sword looks like it's shorter than the Vigilant Sword, but it has the same hitbox. If you look closely while attacking enemies at the edge of your range, you actually miss them but they take damage anyways. Amusing.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty decent weapon. Played through almost whole game with this and killed the final bosses with it as well.

        • Anonymous

          Every enchantment on this sword will be 25% more effective, making it a viable, although short, early to midgame weapon.

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