Longstrider's Ring

Item Type Ring
Item Effect Increases the wearer's attack power as the map is unlocked.

Longstrider's Ring is a Ring in Vigil: The Longest Night. Rings are accessories worn by Leila, a player can choose and equip up to four different rings that provide different buffs and effects that can benefit in battle and during exploration. Rings can be obtained in different ways, such as by looting chests, dropped by killed Enemies or Bosses, given by NPCs, and are acquired as a reward for completing a Quest.


Increases the wearer's Attack as the map is unlocked. Inspired by the legendary guardian of travelers who could fly anywhere upon his winged feet."


Longstrider's Ring Information

  • Item Effect:
    • Increases the wearer's attack power as the map is unlocked.
  • Price listed in the inventory: 4500 Gold.
  • Can be sold for 2700 Gold.


Longstrider's Ring Acquisition

  • (Act 2&3) Insidious Sewer: drop all the way down from B7 Owl Statue and slide into the west wall to enter a secret room that hides the ring.

Longstrider's Ring Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Most of the world unlocked in Act 2, currently at 20.8, a few pockets of unexplored areas that require creative platforming to reach. Wait until acquiring the final movement ability before attempting.
      Likely maxes out at 23-25.

      Addtionally, the Attack increase is applied after weapon damage and +% Attack modifiers.

      Ruby Ring + Skull Hammer (+0% Attack on weapon) = +5 Attack
      Ruby Ring + Pitchfork (+20% Attack on weapon) = +6 Attack
      Ruby Ring + Thistle Ring (+10% Attack) = +5.5 Attack

      Longstrider Ring + Skull Hammer = +20.8 Attack
      Longstrider Ring + Pitchfork = +20.8 Attack
      Longstrider Ring + Thistle Ring = +20.8 Attack

      That being said, still the strongest attack increase from a ring in the game.

      • Anonymous

        It seems to max out at +10 attack. its been at +10 for me for a long time now and I still have a lot of map that needs exploring. I've been going to all the nooks and crannies to see if it will go up further but nothing so far. I'll post an update if I see mine go up to +11 eventually.

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