Glaze Peacock Ring

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Item Type Ring
Item Effect Stamina Recovery +15%

Glaze Peacock Ring is a Ring in Vigil: The Longest Night. Rings are accessories worn by Leila, a player can choose and equip up to four different rings that provide different buffs and effects that can benefit in battle and during exploration. Rings can be obtained in different ways, such as by looting chests, dropped by killed Enemies or Bosses, given by NPCs, and are acquired as a reward for completing a Quest.


Each glaze bead has its own unique shape and meaning, and is a very precious symbol for the locals. It is only taken out and worn on important occasions."


Glaze Peacock Ring Information

  • Item Effect: Stamina Recovery +15%
  • Price listed in the inventory: 3000 Gold
  • Can be sold for 1800 Gold.


Glaze Peacock Ring Acquisition

  • The City of Roots: located on a small platform in lowermost eastern part of the area.

Glaze Peacock Ring Notes & Trivia

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