Weird Pot

Weird Pot
Item Type Arcane Item

Weird Pot in Vigil: The Longest Night is an Arcane Item. Players must equip Arcane Items to their quick slot for it to be used by Leila, these items allow her to execute various effects in the form of a mysterious form of magic. Casting Arcane Magic consumes Mana when used, which is shown to the right at the bottom right of the item's icon. Apart from that, each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status.


A strangely shaped pot that pulses with unnatural life.

Opening this pot releases black mist that attacks the closest monster."


Weird Pot Information

  • Item Effect: Summons black mists that attack enemies closest to Leila.


Weird Pot Acquisition

  • Found in Wasted Town, in the house closest to Limestone Way exit.


Weird Pot Notes & Tips

  • ??
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    • Anonymous

      If it wasn't for the low projectile speed this would be utterly OP. As it is now it is "just" broken. You can basically depopulate everthin remotely close to your screen as the projectiles don't give a flying f**k for collision or enemy visibility.

      • Anonymous

        Broken as hell if you reduce your casting speed, you can cheese whole areas with it.

        • Anonymous

          Location: abandoned house between Wasted town and Limestone way. Approach from Limestone way, before knocking over the barricade, go down the ladder and look for an underground house entrance.

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